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Become a film mogul & let everyone know how bravery took on apartheid

25 Nov 2015, By

I’ve just left the launch of an exciting project to inform a new generation about a little-known element of the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. Grassroots film-makers Barefoot Rascals, with the support of veteran anti-apartheid campaigners Ronnie Kasrils and the newly ennobled Peter Hain, want to make a film about the young British activists…

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The NHS funding squeeze must stop: A physiotherapist’s view

25 Nov 2015, By Guest

I have worked in the NHS for 19 years as a physiotherapist specializing in working with children. There have been some good and bad changes over this period of time, but none have had such a negative impact as the past five years of spending cuts and so-called ‘efficiency savings’ that I, and many of…

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Examining x-ray images

The NHS is changing before our eyes: #FullyFundOurNHS

20 Nov 2015, By Guest

Some things will always be the same. Since I started in my role 8 years ago, the passion, dedication and commitment of my team of radiographers is, and always will be, strong. The unwavering focus on high quality, compassionate care is a credit to themselves and the profession. Going the extra mile to accommodate extra…

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German, UK, EU flags

UK proposals for EU renegotiation: Joint DGB-TUC statement

19 Nov 2015, By

Reiner Hoffman, the President of the TUC’s German equivalent, the Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund (DGB), has signed the following statement with me. It sets out our response to the Prime Minister’s speech last week on his EU renegotiation strategy. Having regard to the UK Prime Minister’s letter to the Council President last week proposing reforms to the…

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