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Access to justice cuts: Reaping what you sow

15 Apr 2014, By

Probably the area where workers’ rights have been hardest hit by the current government is the ability to claim damages through the courts. Since the election the government has removed the legal system that allowed workers to pursue claims and receive all their damages. Now they may have to pay up to 25% of their…

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Egypt: Journalists’ trial resumes

10 Apr 2014, By

Attacks on any one who questions the actions of Egypt’s military backed government are unfortunately continuing. Notably the trial of the three Al Jazeera journalists arrested in Cairo in December 2013, resumes today. They are Peter Greste an Australian national, al-Jazeera’s Egyptian-Canadian Cairo bureau chief Mohamed Adel Fahmy and a local Egyptian producer, Baher Mohamed. They…

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Union pay deals

Why it pays more than ever to be in a union

05 Apr 2014, By

Since the financial crash, wages have been under pressure across the country. Food, energy, transport and housing costs have soared, to the point where in real terms, the average worker is £2000 worse off than they were in 2010. Latest statistics show that private sector pay growth has now just about caught up with ongoing…

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