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Lula's face painted on a colourful wall in Brazil

TUC joins calls for new elections in Brazil as illegitimate government tramples democracy

01 Sep 2017, By

As Brazil’s CUT trade union confederation was meeting in the industrial capital of Sao Paolo, the TUC has called for new elections as the unelected government of Michel Temer continues its slash-and-burn of the country’s social protections.  In a letter published in yesterday’s Guardian, also signed by senior British trade unionists, politicians and campaigners, the…

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Big Ben Bong Bonkers

15 Aug 2017, By

August is usually called “The silly season” by journalists because there is so little news around as Parliament is not sitting and politicians are away on holiday. As a result they have to fill their papers with stupid stories that would normally be consigned to their delete box. This year is no exception. This morning…

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If we don’t protect our arts organisations, we will lose them

10 Aug 2017, By

For almost 25 years, Greenwich Dance has been a meeting place for dancers. Professional and professional and aspiring artists come together for classes, performance space and professional support. But in June the Arts Council of England withdrew its support for Greenwich Dance, threatening the future of its work. But in June, the Arts Council of England cut 100%…

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