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Leave fibs

The Leave campaign’s 4 biggest euro-fibs

23 Jun 2016, By

Leaders of the Leave campaigns have turned being economical with the truth into an art-form over the course of the EU referendum. To paraphrase legendary foreign correspondent Louis Heren, whenever you hear a prominent Brexiteer, ask yourself “why is this lying *** lying to me?” Here are the four fundamental mistruths at the heart of their…

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David Beckham

Yet another trade unionist speaks out for Remain

21 Jun 2016, By

Today, a long-time member of one of the TUC’s affiliated unions spoke out in favour of a Remain vote in Thursday’s referendum. The union is the Professional Footballers’ Association (which is neutral on the vote), and the long-time member, now retired, is David Beckham. Twitter went mad, he has been all over the media, and the…

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Will young people swing the vote of the European Referendum?

21 Jun 2016, By

The debate around mobilising young voters in the EU Referendum was the topic of the live studio debate organised by visual think tank COVi in partnership with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) last Wednesday (15 June). The event at Somerset House brought together a panel of MPs, academic researchers and campaigners to thrash out what needs to be…

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Crowds gather in Soho to show solidarity

Solidarity with those killed in the Orlando massacre

17 Jun 2016, By

James Baldwin wrote: “not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced”. We, as trade unionists, have always faced down bigotry, campaigning against inequality and injustice. Our resolve, in light of the horrific massacre of the 49 LGBT people in Orlando, is stronger than ever. We stand…

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Getting the work-football balance right

13 Jun 2016, By

The 2016 European cup is already underway and a very sizable proportion of the country will be football fanciers for the next few weeks. So many people at work will want to watch the matches, so wise employers will have a plan for this. To give you an idea of how much excitement the European…

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