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Anti-union tobacco farmers pack a punch: hit back!

23 Jul 2014, By

UPDATE: the employer rep reported below to have punched a union organiser on camera has resigned from his job at the employer association. The union says this is a welcome development, but doesn’t adequately address the culture of bullying and violence in the sector over many years. The campaign to unionise tobacco growers and get…

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McDonald’s accused of firing pro-union workers

22 Jul 2014, By Guest

Once again the fast-food restaurant giant is under investigation by the USA’s National Labour Relations Board for allegedly firing workers for pro-union activity. Through a Freedom of Information Act, Bloomberg News secured documents which purport to show that McDonald’s fired nine New York area workers between November 2012 and April 2014 for joining unions and helping…

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Don Quixote and Sancho Panza road traffic sign

Heroism Bill: Grayling tilts at windmills

21 Jul 2014, By

The Justice Minister, Chris Grayling, has claimed that he is going to “Slay the health and safety culture”. Like Don Quixote, he’s bravely riding into battle with an opponent that isn’t actually there. In an interview to the Daily Telegraph he claimed that a Bill going before the House of Commons today will mean: “employees…

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Herald of Free Enterprise

Post-Zeebrugge ferry regulations to be scrapped

18 Jul 2014, By

In March 1987 the P&O ferry Herald of Free Enterprise sank outside Zeebrugge resulting in 188 deaths. An inquiry was held which led to a considerable number of safety improvements. Now, in another outbreak of deregulatory zeal, the Government want to remove some of these regulations. It is not because this type of ferry no…

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Rainbow over Guatavita, Colombia

Colombia: A storm before the calm?

17 Jul 2014, By

Last week, a new trade agreement, or bilateral investment treaty (BIT), between the UK and Colombia came into force. Defending the BIT, the British Government, when pressed late last year on the human rights situation in Colombia, responded that “progress has been made” and that they would continue to push the Colombian government to eliminate…

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German football fans

Organising & the World Cup

15 Jul 2014, By

I’m sure that there will be many blog posts around talking about the cabinet reshuffle, this post is actually going to be one of the many on the World Cup.  Organising and the World Cup.  Or rather, how I seem to have ended up organising and running campaigns a bit like the German Football League.…

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