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Turkish court frees trade unionists

25 Mar 2015, By

For a number of years now I have covered Turkey as a member of the TUC’s European Union and International Department. During those years I have written protest letter after protest letter to the Turkish Embassy, Turkish government and our own government complaining about the treatment of Turkish trade unionist. A non-stop tale of trade…

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100,000 work cancer deaths: time for action

12 Mar 2015, By Guest

The former head of the EU’s Safety and Health at Work Agency Jukka Takala has sounded a wake-up call: cancers induced by working conditions kill over 100,000 people in the European Union each year. Cancers account for 53% of work-related deaths compared to just 2% for work accidents. Every one of these deaths can be…

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Maude’s missing the point on facility time

11 Mar 2015, By

Cabinet Secretary Francis Maude yesterday made an impromptu statement to Parliament. He claimed to have delivered for the tax payer by reducing civil service union facility time. While this may play well to the right wing of the Conservative back-benchers, the reality is his constant attacks on trade unions can only cause further harm to industrial relations across…

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Politics in our lives, not just in Parliament

06 Mar 2015, By Guest

Funny, isn’t it, how politics is so influential in our day to day lives. Everything from the amount we can expect as a minimum wage to whether we go to war, the decisions made in Parliament have a huge impact on us. Yet so many people, especially young people, feel totally disengaged from the political…

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hardhat worker on construction site

Self-employed safety rights: Government moves, but not enough

05 Mar 2015, By

Yesterday the Deregulation Bill completed its passage through the Lords. According to the Government, this Bill will ensure a “reduction of burdens resulting from legislation for businesses or other organisations or for individuals”. One of the proposals was to change the Health and Safety at Work Act to remove most self-employed people from its provisions.…

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