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What makes a ‘strategic campaign’ strategic?

24 Sep 2014, By

That’s a question I’m often asked, and with the introduction of Strategic Campaigns training as part of the new Organising Academy programme, I thought I’d take some time to answer that question in a video: If you’d like to know more, check out the new Strategic Campaigns course in the Organising Academy Training brochure (web)

New! Organising Academy Programme

23 Sep 2014, By

It’s been nearly five months in the making but I am pleased to say that we are able to release the TUC’s Organising Academy brochure for 2014-15!  Alongside our existing courses, union staff will also be able to access three new short courses.

Certificate in Advanced Organising group 2013-14

VIDEO: Professional Development for union officers

20 Aug 2014, By

Professional development.  Often overlooked due to casework deadlines, campaign actions and the general day to day work of being a union officer. But it is important for union officers to continue professional development as part of building union capacity.

German football fans

Organising & the World Cup

15 Jul 2014, By

I’m sure that there will be many blog posts around talking about the cabinet reshuffle, this post is actually going to be one of the many on the World Cup.  Organising and the World Cup.  Or rather, how I seem to have ended up organising and running campaigns a bit like the German Football League.…

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Starting a campaign: Friends and Allies

19 Sep 2013, By

We have our goals, we have looked at our resources.  Next up, who can we count on and who will we be up against? I think it’s important that we create and sustain broad coalitions and relationships between campaigners with a social and economic justice focus.  By supporting each other and sharing our work we…

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piggy bank

Starting a campaign: Resources

12 Sep 2013, By

So, we have our goals in place.  We know what we want to achieve and the milestones needed to achieve it.  What next? It’s time for campaigners to look at what resources we have at our disposal to make the goal the reality.

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