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HSE protest

Safety inspections are a requirement, not an option says ILO.

02 Dec 2014, By

The International Labour Organisation, which sets international regulations on a range of employment and health and safety issues has just considered a case that could have ramifications for the British Government’s inspection policies. Last month they issued a report on a complaint by Dutch trade unionists that the Dutch Government had failed to comply with…

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asbestos notice 2

Remembrance Day: Justice for veterans with mesothelioma

11 Nov 2014, By

On Remembrance Day is is worth reflecting on those veterans who died, not on the battlefield, but because of diseases they contracted while serving in the military, and how we treat these people. I am thinking in particular of those who develop mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. It can…

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Health and Safety Executive

How the Government buries good news: HSE and Europe

31 Oct 2014, By

Yet another report has been published which praises the effectiveness of the Health and Safety Executive. This time it is over their approach to Europe. It follows the Loftsedt, Temple and Young reviews which all said the HSE was doing a good job. So how come you have not heard of this one? Well, probably…

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Edmund Stoiber

Stoiber report: The dead hand of the European de-regulators

14 Oct 2014, By

There is a strange group on the fringes of the European Commission called the “The High Level Group on Administrative Burdens”. This was set up  in 2007 by the former Bavarian Chancellor and failed presidential candidate Edmund Stoiber, to advise the Commission on reducing “administrative burdens”. So far it has produced over 40 reports, ranging…

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toxic warning on a drum of chemicals

Safety cuts: Chipping away at tripartitism

22 Sep 2014, By

According to papers produced by the HSE, it is considering closing down a number of committees where it gets advice from a range of people including unions and employers. Two of these committees deal with toxic substances and have been instrumental in developing the HSE’s policy on a range of hazards, including asbestos. One committee,…

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