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European Commission puts its foot in it!

19 Nov 2015, By

The European Commission have just published an information sheet on their new better regulation agenda. A lot of that is just saying that they will concentrate on the big things and not the small things, that they should do impact assessments before new regulations are considered and EU regulations should be “fit for purpose”. Now I…

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European Commission says still no action on worker health

28 Oct 2015, By

This year the European Trade Union Institute published a paper on work-related cancers in the EU. It showed that 102,500 deaths take place each year because of exposure to carcinogens in the workplace, twenty times the number caused by workplace injuries. That is a massive amount. Here in the UK the HSE puts the figure…

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Progress made on new safety fund by G7

20 Oct 2015, By

In May I wrote a blog about a new fund that the world’s main industrialised countries (The G7) were setting up to help prevent workplace deaths and injuries. The catalyst for this was the large number of appalling industrial accidents in supply chains such as the collapse of the Raina Plaza garment factory in 2013,…

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Asbestos. Time to grasp the nettle

16 Oct 2015, By

It is said that if you say something often enough and loud enough everyone believes it is true regardless of the facts. This is the case with asbestos. We have been told for decades that the safest way of managing asbestos in the workplace is to leave it where it is if it is undamaged.…

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European regulation is good for you (Part 2)

15 Oct 2015, By

Earlier this week I posted a blog about an EU evaluation of the European occupational safety and health directives. I complained that the Commission had not published the report, although a joint opinion by union, employer and government representatives was available. Well now, because of an apparent mistake by an Irish employers organisation, we can…

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New research says EU regulation working.

12 Oct 2015, By

Two years ago this week, the Prime Minister’s business taskforce said relaxing the European Commission’s rules on health and safety risk assessments would save £2.7bn. Meanwhile a piece by prominent Conservative Harry Phibbs on the  “Conservative Home” website claims, that “There is plenty of gold plating of EU regulations – about health and safety amongst a lot…

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