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Safety law

New Sentencing guidelines welcomed

10 Feb 2016, By

This month new guidelines on the sentencing of those who break health and safety laws come into effect. They represent a huge change in attitude to health and safety offences and have broadly been welcomed by the TUC who have argued that the current penalties for breaking the law do not act as any kind…

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trade union bill

Cynical Government attack on safety representatives

08 Feb 2016, By

Today is the beginning of heartunions week. It also sees the House of Lords start discussing the detail of the Trade Union Bill. The first is a celebration of the fantastic work that union representatives do in improving living standards, protecting workers and empowering their members. The second is a piece of legislation aimed at…

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Flooding – dealing with the aftermath

04 Jan 2016, By

The last few weeks have seen misery for people in many parts of the country as they have battled with the floods and their aftermath, both in their homes and their workplaces. For many people, this should be the first day back at work and it is important that employers and unions work together to make…

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responsibility deal

Responsibility Deal – Gone but not mourned

15 Dec 2015, By

The Government has now admitted that the “Responsibility Deal” which they set up in 2010 to deal with health issues is to be quietly left to disappear. In the words of the Government spin doctors, the deals have been “parked”. These deals, which covered public health priorities such as alcohol, food and exercise, were seen…

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safety sign

Workplace safety enforcement in freefall

14 Dec 2015, By

I have just read a paper that was produced a couple of months ago on health and safety inspections conducted by Local Authorities. They inspect the majority of workplaces, including most offices, shops, warehouses, distribution centres, leisure centres, care homes etc. They are often considered to be “low risk” but the reality is very different.…

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