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Suicide – why it is a workplace issue

21 Mar 2017, By

Suicides can be a tragedy both for those who attempt it and their families and friends. It can also have a huge effect on the lives of some groups such as train and tube drivers when people attempt to kill themselves in front of a train, or care workers, police officers and paramedics who often…

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Stress – time to stop blaming the workers

17 Mar 2017, By

Yesterday I attended the HSE stress summit in London for the launch of their new stress campaign. The conference went well and the main thrust of the conference was on the importance of prevention, using the risk prevention and risk management approach that is contained in the HSE stress management standards. This is the approach…

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Health and Safety Executive

HSE hits the right note

06 Feb 2017, By

For many years the TUC has been arguing that successive governments have abandoned the health aspect of health and safety. Over 70% of work-related absence is a result of stress or musculoskeletal disorders such as back pain, while, even by the HSE’s own statistics, there are 12,000 deaths every year as a result of occupational…

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Pregnant womens’ safety – Government gets it half right

26 Jan 2017, By

Yesterday the Government published their response to a report from the House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee into pregnancy and maternity discrimination. Quite a bit of that original report was about health and safety and, amongst other things, the Committee had said that employers should be required to undertake an individual risk assessment when…

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Organising using health and safety just got easier

17 Jan 2017, By

There is a brand new resource available from today for anyone who wants to consider how to make their workplace safer through building a strong union. Last year the TUC published a guide to organising and health and safety. It gave simple, straightforward advice to help you use health and safety arguments to achieve an…

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Commission says no to stronger protection on health and safety

11 Jan 2017, By

The European Commission have finally released details of what they are proposing to do on health and safety regulation in the coming years. Yesterday they released a communication which contained their response to a review of all 24 European health and safety directives that was produced in 2015, but has only just been published. You…

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