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Southern trains

The Today Programme’s dodgy #SouthernStrike maths

08 Aug 2016, By

This morning’s Today Programme on Radio 4 covered the industrial dispute at Southern Rail. Justin Webb talked live to his correspondent Ben Thompson at Victoria station (Listen at 47:38), who expressed concern that the 5 day strike over guards’ safety concerns would not be legal under planned new government restrictions: “Earlier in the year there were new rules brought…

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Office party disasters

Are you a Non Safe Festive Worker?

07 Dec 2015, By

Christmas parties at work are a great chance to let our hair down, and to see a different side of the people we spend more time with than our own families. But they can also wreck the work relationships you’ve spent the rest of the year building up. Like Santa, the closer many of us…

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5 types of tosh people are talking about the #TubeStrike

05 Aug 2015, By

The #TubeStrike hashtag today isn’t one for the faint hearted. The Independent have thoughtfully compiled a tutorial for those who’d rather simply block it all out, but I’ve a kind of morbid fascination for it and where it comes from. I’ve identified five distinct types of tosh doing the rounds on the web, which I…

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