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Trade union members accused after losing leader in bomb blast

21 Feb 2015, By

A deadly terrorist attack rocked Mogadishu in Somalia yesterday when a female suicide bomber working as a receptionist blew herself up at the Central Hotel during Friday prayers. 25 people were killed and more than 40 people wounded. Two of the dead were prominent trade unionists, and 5 were hotel workers (as well as seven staff wounded),…

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Greek labour movement

What’s REALLY bugging Eurozone hardliners about Syriza?

18 Feb 2015, By

The brinkmanship and rhetoric surrounding the renegotiation of Greece’s memorandum with the Troika was ramped up this week as a meeting of Eurozone finance ministers on Monday broke up without agreement. Both sides accused the other of intransigence, although the new Greek government has offered to compromise and negotiate, and was ready to accept a…

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Alexis Tsipras

Union reactions to Syriza’s victory

31 Jan 2015, By

Unions around the world have welcomed the election result in Greece last Sunday, because the victory of the anti-austerity Syriza party was a rejection of the policies that have dominated Europe since the financial crisis hit, and a rejection of the anti-democratic approach of the European elite. It also demonstrated that the Greek people were…

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Does Davos do any good?

25 Jan 2015, By

As the super-rich decant from Davos – some, seriously, by private jet – it’s time to reflect on another year of the elite World Economic Forum. Does it do any good? Davos is mostly a place for businessmen (there are annual concerns expressed about the gender balance of attendees) to do deals and cement networks:…

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Migrant workers working on a Thai boat

Global pressure forces withdrawal of Thai prison labour plans

20 Jan 2015, By

Campaigning has paid off again. Last week I blogged about a campaign we’d joined to stop the Thai Government’s plans to force prisoners to work in the notorious Thai fishing industry. Together with the ILO, unions and human rights campaigners have forced a U-turn by the military leaders who now control Thailand’s government. The Ministry…

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Thai fishing boats

Unions join condemnations of Thai prison labour plans

15 Jan 2015, By

UPDATE 20/1/15: the campaign has been successful! See more details. The TUC has joined a coalition of 43 union and human rights organisations condemning the regime in Thailand for a planned pilot project recruiting prisoners to fill labour shortages in the country’s fishing industry (which supplies multinational food companies among others.)


Unions condemn the Charlie Hebdo killings

07 Jan 2015, By

As crowds gathered in cities across France and beyond today, standing in solidarity with those attacked at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris, journalists’ unions expressed their shock and condemnation of the killings and the killers. This was not just essential human solidarity, of course. Those killed – not just the journalists and cartoonists, but…

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