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Volkswagen Passat

Workers get to choose at Chattanooga

15 Jul 2014, By

Hopefully you won’t have forgotten the massive campaign that the US car workers’ union UAW ran earlier this year with German equivalent IG Metall’s support to establish the first ever Works Council in the USA (and the first union recognition deal at a foreign-owned car plant in a right-to-work southern state.) Massive pressure from right-wing…

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Solidarity with Iraq’s trade unions

29 Jun 2014, By

The TUC sends a message of solidarity to the brave independent trade unionists of Iraq facing the new threat presented by ISIS, on top of decades of repression by both Saddam Hussein and his successors. As one of the few non-sectarian institutions in Iraq, the trade union movement has much to lose from an upsurge…

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Solidarity for Swazi sugar strikers

21 Jun 2014, By

UPDATE: You can now send a message of protest to the company through the IUF. In Africa’s last feudal dictatorship, Swaziland, three thousand members of the SAPAWU sugar workers’ union are on strike at the Ubombo Sugar Company in the north east of the country. Ubombo is ultimately owned by UK-based multinational Associated British Foods, although 40%…

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union rally

World Cup strikers? Not just on the pitch…

08 Jun 2014, By

With just days to go before the Brazilian World Cup kicks off, metro workers in Sao Paolo, the beating heart of the Brazilian labour movement, have struck for higher pay with support from the CUT national union confederation. Increasingly aggressive police tactics have been condemned by the unions as tempers flare. The metro workers are…

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