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Guatemala: where a union leader’s life costs just $195

28 Nov 2015, By

I spoke today at #LatinAmerica15, the annual conference devoted to solidarity with our colleagues in South and Central America and the Caribbean. I was talking about Guatemala, in the company of Noé Ramirez, leader of banana workers’ union SITRABI, a truly brave man and an inspirational leader. Noé set out just how bad the situation…

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London Recruits

Become a film mogul & let everyone know how bravery took on apartheid

25 Nov 2015, By

I’ve just left the launch of an exciting project to inform a new generation about a little-known element of the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. Grassroots film-makers Barefoot Rascals, with the support of veteran anti-apartheid campaigners Ronnie Kasrils and the newly ennobled Peter Hain, want to make a film about the young British activists…

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Greece solidarity

Solidarity with Greek unions on strike today

12 Nov 2015, By

The Greek trade union confederations, GSEE in the private sector and ADEDY in the public sector, have called a 24-hour General Strike today (12 November) against the latest round of austerity measures being imposed on the Greek people by the Troika – the European Central Bank, the IMF and the European Commission. TUC General Secretary…

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Andy Hall

European Parliament latest to slam Thailand for harassing Andy Hall

17 Oct 2015, By

UPDATE 19 Oct 2015: the indictment hearing was adjourned again today because papers had not been properly served, and the hearing has been rescheduled for 18 January. Assuming Andy’s persecutors don’t stuff up again! Andy Hall, the British-born, Thailand-based migrant and trade union rights advocate, is back in court on Monday, 19 October. The latest…

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Workers’ rights: no longer safe anywhere? #BAD2015

16 Oct 2015, By

I’ve just come back from the annual meeting of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) general council, held ahead of the CUT Brazilian trade union movement’s congress in Sao Paulo. As usual, we heard appalling tales about union repression and the persecution of workers from around the world. And we were buoyed up by the…

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WDDW logo

World Day for Decent Work: end corporate greed!

07 Oct 2015, By

For the eighth year running, today, 7 October has been designated World Day for Decent Work by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), the global trade union confederation to which the TUC belongs. Our contribution was the TUC national demonstration in Manchester on Sunday, which saw over 60,000 people protest outside the Conservative Party Conference…

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