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The time is now hourglass

#TheTimeIsNow – We need a European Robin Hood Tax

25 May 2016, By

Next month, on 17 June, European Finance Ministers will gather for a crunch meeting for the European financial transactions tax (the Robin Hood Tax, or FTT). Campaigners across Europe are urging the group of countries who are negotiating the tax to make the final decision needed to bring the tax into effect, under the banner #TheTimeIsNow. At European…

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Andy Hall

Migrant rights defender back in Thai court

22 May 2016, By

British-born migrant rights activist Andy Hall was back in Southern Bangkok Criminal Court this Thursday (18 May) for just 45 minutes as the most serious of his trials over the last three years began. Andy, who has so far been convicted of nothing, was in court to hear the start of a trial for criminal defamation and computer…

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Dilma Rousseff May Day 2016

Brazil teeters on the brink of counter-revolution

16 May 2016, By

Brazilian union leader Joao Felicio, now President of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), is flying into London this week to stir up opposition to the counter-revolution underway in Brazil. The Parliamentary chaos that ushered in the suspension of democratically-elected President Dilma Rousseff is as nothing to the chaos that would greet her impeachment. Already,…

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Mahmoud Beheshti

TUC joins May Day protests for jailed Iranian teachers

02 May 2016, By

The TUC has supported a letter this 1 May calling on the Iranian government to release two Iranian teacher union leaders and scores of other jailed trade unionists as part of a general call “to adopt a stance compatible with its international obligations in respect of trade unions and human rights.  Until this is the case, international…

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Dead end

Is neo-liberal globalisation running out of road?

24 Apr 2016, By

I was inspired recently by an article in the Washington Post, which asked “what’s behind the revolt against global integration?” Partly because the policy prescriptions for getting globalisation back on a more acceptable track, and partly because its author was Larry Summers, adviser to Presidents Clinton & Obama, and one of the heroes of ‘third…

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Anti-impeachment demo

TUC backs Brazilian unions: no to the coup!

15 Apr 2016, By

You may have seen some stories in the media about political developments in Brazil, where the forces who used to dominate the country while it was under military dictatorship and then in the years after democracy was restored are trying to force Workers’ Party President Dilma Rousseff from power. The TUC is backing our colleagues…

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