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Overseas aid bill clears Commons – now heads for Lords

14 Dec 2014, By

Michael Moore MP’s private members’ bill – aiming to bind future UK governments to spend 0.7% of Gross National Income on official development assistance (overseas aid) cleared the Commons triumphantly on Friday 5 December, with 146 MPs from several different parties backing the bill and only 5 or 6 opposing. It will now be considered…

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Oxfam logo

The world needs a pay rise: Oxfam recognises the union role

10 Dec 2014, By

Oxfam has today issued a guide for businesses on implementing living wages throughout their global supply chains, and it puts collective bargaining and trade unions centre stage. The paper is full of voluntary steps that businesses could take to ensure workers in their supply chains are paid a living wage, whether direct employees or not. And it…

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Modern Slavery Bill: take action on Monday

06 Dec 2014, By

The TUC is working with a range of corporate accountability and anti-slavery campaign groups and NGOs, including the Ethical Trading Initiative, to strengthen the Modern Slavery Bill, which is now before the House of Lords. Ahead of the Lords Committee stage on Wednesday, join us in a twitter storm for tougher measures. There are several changes…

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The invisible role of trade unions in the fight against slavery

30 Nov 2014, By

On Saturday the Home Office released a new strategy for combating modern slavery or forced labour in Britain and abroad. We’re still digesting it, because, surprisingly, we weren’t consulted on it, and we aren’t mentioned in it. And this is not the only example of people trying to address forced labour without a key role for…

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Mswati III and Zuma

Swaziland’s Marikana in the making?

29 Nov 2014, By

Striking Swazi miners have retreated to a nearby hill in protest at the way they are being treated by their employer and the Swazi police, in a worrying echo of what happened ahead of the infamous Marikana massacre in South Africa a couple of years ago. And, ironically, their strike is against a mining company…

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L20 group

G20 update: Round the world in 20 unions

17 Nov 2014, By

Frances O’Grady has just finished a three-day marathon set of meetings at the L20 and G20 in Brisbane in the Australian state of Queensland. The G20 summit brings together the leaders of the world’s 20 most powerful economies, and the L20 has been created so that the trade union movements in those countries are able…

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Swaziland flag

Swaziland: union repression throws thousands out of work

09 Nov 2014, By

The continued repression of trade union rights in Swaziland is about to claim even more casualties in the form of unemployment in the textile industry. The low labour standards and poverty wages that have attracted Taiwanese companies to set up shop in Africa’s last surviving feudal dictatorship have led to the US government suspending the…

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