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Plant nursery

Workers in Gaza need practical help

09 Nov 2014, By

The TUC is planning to visit Gaza at the end of the month, to look at what we can do to help the working people there. Of course, the major contribution we’ll be able to make is political – like the General Council statement adopted by Congress, or supporting the call to recognise a Palestinian…

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The Emir of Qatar with David Cameron

Emir of Qatar should be in no doubt on workers’ rights

30 Oct 2014, By

This week the Emir of Qatar has been visiting London. When we got wind of the visit, which we knew would include a meeting with David Cameron in No 10, we wrote to the Prime Minister asking him to raise the issue of workers’ rights, and in particular those of the migrant construction workers dying…

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Thai Embassy protest

Thai trials that should never have happened

30 Oct 2014, By

Yesterday morning, I blogged about the fabulous news that the first case against Andy Hall had been thrown out in Thailand. That afternoon I collected Andy’s mum and dad, sister and two nieces from Kings Cross to go see the top diplomat at the Royal Thai Embassy in Kensington, where we met two great activists…

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Andy Hall

An early birthday present for Thai labour rights activist Andy Hall

29 Oct 2014, By

Tomorrow is Andy Hall’s 35th birthday. He’ll be back in court on more trumped-up charges prompted by Thai pineapple manufacturing company Natural Fruit. They want to warn off future Andy Hall’s – and the Thai trade union movement – exposing the sort of abuses of workers’ rights that he did in the 2012 Finnwatch report “Cheap…

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Solidarity videos

Global union support for Britain Needs A Pay Rise demo

19 Oct 2014, By

As we marched through London on Saturday afternoon calling for an end to the longest decline in real wages since Victorian times, we had the support not only of the British trade union movement but also our colleagues around the world. Nine international trade union leaders sent their best wishes and solidarity by video for…

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Mahdi Abu Dheeb protest

Demanding freedom for Bahrain’s teacher union leader

16 Oct 2014, By

This afternoon I paid a visit to the Embassy of Bahrain in London’s swanky Belgrave Square to demand the freedom of the jailed leader of the country’s teacher union, jailed in 2011 for calling on his members to take strike action. I met the Ambassador together with two of Mahdi Abu Dheeb‘s UK equivalents, NUT General…

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Swaziland flag

Swaziland: a blot on the Commonwealth, South Africa’s conscience & the EU trade regime

13 Oct 2014, By

Last week TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady and ten other leading public figures from the main political parties and from none (including Swazi-born actor Richard E Grant, NUS President Toni Pearce and ex-Independent Deputy Editor Ian Birrell) called on the Foreign Secretary to do more to free political prisoners in Africa’s last feudal dictatorship, Swaziland. You can call…

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