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Mahdi Abu Dheeb protest

Demanding freedom for Bahrain’s teacher union leader

16 Oct 2014, By

This afternoon I paid a visit to the Embassy of Bahrain in London’s swanky Belgrave Square to demand the freedom of the jailed leader of the country’s teacher union, jailed in 2011 for calling on his members to take strike action. I met the Ambassador together with two of Mahdi Abu Dheeb‘s UK equivalents, NUT General…

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Swaziland flag

Swaziland: a blot on the Commonwealth, South Africa’s conscience & the EU trade regime

13 Oct 2014, By

Last week TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady and ten other leading public figures from the main political parties and from none (including Swazi-born actor Richard E Grant, NUS President Toni Pearce and ex-Independent Deputy Editor Ian Birrell) called on the Foreign Secretary to do more to free political prisoners in Africa’s last feudal dictatorship, Swaziland. You can call…

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running a glass of drinking water

Have your say on EU water quality

14 Sep 2014, By

Following up the phenomenally successful Right2Water petition organised by the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU), the Right2Water campaign is now encouraging trade unionists to submit views to the European Commission on water quality. Nearly 2 million people across Europe signed the Right2Water European Citizens’ Initiative last year, putting public provision of water and…

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Swaziland flag

Swaziland: where praying is dangerous

30 Aug 2014, By

I’ve commented so often on what’s wrong with the last feudal dictatorship in Africa – the kingdom of Swaziland – that I often think nothing more can shock me. Whether it’s jailing a newspaper editor and a union lawyer for questioning the decisions of the courts, or the Prime Minister threatening to throttle the leader…

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Andy Hall

Act now! Defend worker rights defender on trial in Thailand

28 Aug 2014, By

Andy Hall is a British migrant workers’ rights defender active in Thailand for many years – we’ve covered his work and the attacks on him before. On Tuesday 2 September, he goes on trial in Thailand, accused of criminal libel by the Natural Fruit Company, a pineapple producer whose abusive treatment of Burmese migrants Andy…

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international charity donations

Are NGOs the answer to global poverty or climate change?

24 Aug 2014, By

Earlier this month, a group of some of the most influential thinkers in global civil society wrote an open letter to their fellow NGO leaders. One of them, Danny Sriskandarajah, wrote about the letter in the Guardian shortly afterwards. They asked whether the growing – possibly now gargantuan – NGO movement has lost its way. Danny…

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Amnesty supporters and trade unionists protest at Fiji High Commission in 2011.

Amnesty International calls on Fiji to respect workers’ rights

10 Aug 2014, By

One of the reasons the TUC works so closely with Amnesty International UK – we’re hoping to renew our memorandum of understanding at Congress next month – is because we have a reciprocal interest in each other’s work. Amnesty understands that workers’ rights are human rights, and we understand that if workers’ rights are being abused…

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