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Burma on map

Burma: unions, global brands & NGOs back minimum wage for all

16 Jul 2015, By

UPDATE (23 July): The Burmese Government has announced that the minimum wage is confirmed at 3,600 kyats, with universal coverage. Pressure from global brands has been described by unions in Burma as very influential in resisting domestic employer pressure to exempt the garment industry from the minimum wage. Things are changing in Burma, once a…

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Mswati III

Swaziland: is the pressure working?

14 Jul 2015, By

We’ve been pressing for a change of course in Swaziland for many years. It’s Africa’s last feudal dictatorship. It has the world’s highest rate of HIV-AIDS infection. And it’s one of the worst ten countries in the world to be a trade unionist, according to the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC). But are things changing?…

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Esmail Abdi

Take action on Iran’s crackdowns on teachers & journalists

08 Jul 2015, By

Perhaps upset that it somehow missed out on inclusion in the ITUC list of the ten worst countries to be a trade unionist last month, Iran has made a strong early bid to be included next year by sacking all the journalists who report officially on industrial disputes and arresting the leader of a teachers’ union en route to…

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CGIL Incontri

Tolpuddle in Tuscany: talking Brexit & Grexit

04 Jul 2015, By

Last night I was sat in a tent for a couple of hours on top of a hill in Tuscany, alongside the current and future Presidents of the European Trade Union Confederation (Ignacio Toxo from Spain’s CCOO and Rudy de Leeuw of the Belgian FGTB respectively) and the leader of Italy’s largest trade union movement the…

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Pakistan on map

Pakistan: one of the terrible ten worst countries for workers’ rights

19 Jun 2015, By

Pakistani workers face large-scale exclusions from labour law, arrests and violence. Last year protests were held condemning the murder of eight labourers in Balochistan. Earlier this year, trainee police officers who had not been paid for seven months took to the streets before were subject to baton-charges and arrests. Protesting police baton charged: On 19…

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