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Ten countries not to go to, if you’re a trade unionist

13 Jun 2015, By

Although holiday season is almost upon us, this isn’t really the TUC Holiday Show. Over the last fortnight, trade unionists, employers and governments from all over the world have been in Geneva for the annual conference of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), and every year, the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) takes the opportunity to…

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voting for change

Can an exercise of will effect political change?

12 Jun 2015, By

Apologies, but it’s been very hot and muggy all day, and I find that makes me less active and more thoughtful. So it was a good time to read this blog by Kemal Dervis, former economics minister in Turkey, ex-head of the UN Development Program and one-time World Bank Vice President. It suggests a way…

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TTIP – European Parliament fight moves on

29 May 2015, By

The international trade committee of the European Parliament (known as INTA) adopted a report yesterday on the controversial EU-US trade deal known as TTIP (Trans-Atlantic Trade & Investment Partnership). That report will now be presented to the European Parliament plenary session in Strasbourg the week after next, with votes likely on Wednesday 10 June. Former…

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Greek labour movement

Syriza’s struggle is our struggle

28 May 2015, By

The Greek Syriza government is still locked in crisis negotiations with ‘the group formerly known as the Troika’ (the IMF, European Central Bank and European Commission) over releasing the money the Greek state needs to meet its obligations to creditors and also to its people. But it isn’t only about debt: Syriza is demanding the…

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ACT NOW! The next few days are vital for EU-US trade deal

26 May 2015, By

On Thursday, the European Parliament’s International Trade Committee (known as INTA) will vote on a series of amendments to a draft report on the EU-US trade deal TTIP (the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). The report which INTA produces will then go to the plenary session of the European Parliament starting on 8 June, just…

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Union members pay the cost of ISIS conquest of Ramadi

25 May 2015, By

When ISIS takes over a city like Ramadi, near Baghdad in Iraq, the news bulletins are full of discussion about the future of Iraq, who’s to blame for the ISIS advance, how to reverse it and the horror facing the Sunni inhabitants, . We often forget that the human cost includes trade union members and activists, who…

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