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New York Times backs pro-union laws

01 Jan 2009, By

It’s either a sign of a more diverse media, or just how bad things have got in the US under Bush, that the New York Times has published an editorial (not just a comment article) calling for more freedoms for trade unions to organise.

Iranian Government – predictable repression of trade unions

27 Dec 2008, By

As predicted in this blog, the Iranian regime has indeed used the holiday season to crack down on Iranian trade unionists. Just days after labour writer Mohsen Hakimi was seized, bus worker union leader Ebrahim Madadi was arrested too. Meanwhile Channel 4 in the UK chose to broadcast a ‘Christmas message’ from Iranian President Ahmadinejad.…

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570,000 workers gain union rights at a stroke

26 Dec 2008, By

Here’s a story you don’t hear very often. On 16 December, global private services union federation UNI and one of their UK affiliates, the GMB, signed an ‘International Framework Agreement’ with the global multinational security firm G4S. G4S has 570,000 employees around the world, which makes it a big player in global employment terms. And…

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This Christmas, trade union activity is banned

25 Dec 2008, By

It’s Christmas Day, so I really shouldn’t be writing this. But not all trade unionists will be having the day off – emergency services workers, for instance. And in some parts of the world, they have it even tougher than that. Like Guinea, on the West coast of Africa, where three days ago on 22…

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Wal-Mart: union progress in Canada

11 Dec 2008, By

I’m grateful to union-friendly academic John Logan for alerting me to a report on Bloomberg (and there’s another on the union web page) that the UFCW is claiming victory in a unionisation campaign for workers at the Wal-Mart store in Weyburn, Saskatchewan – a struggle which began FOUR years ago!

Zimbabwe – it’s not all about who gets which Ministry

30 Nov 2008, By

A lot of the coverage of Zimbabwe in the news deals with two issues – how ghastly life in Zimbabwe is (eg the latest outbreak of cholera); and how Mugabe and Tsvangirai are squabbling over which Ministry their parties get. These are not unimportant issues (the main argument between ZANU-PF and the MDC is over who controls…

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