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United we stand

The Shrewsbury 24 story: United We Stand

14 Oct 2014, By

Over the last couple of years the TUC has been actively supporting the Shrewsbury Pickets’ campaign for justice. You can read more about the campaign here and here. Now the Pickets’ story is being told up and down the country in a fantastic new play called ‘United We Stand’. Its rare that politics, music, humour and…

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Meeting Huber Ballesteros in La Picota. Photo by Seamus Milne

Defiance, hope & solidarity in Colombia

04 Aug 2014, By

La Pictoa prison, south of Bogota is a foreboding place. The sheer scale of the facility, the lines of relatives and lawyers waiting to visit those inside, the ubiquitous presence of armed guards – all make for a pretty overwhelming experience. Over 8,000 prisoners are crammed into a space designed for less than 5,000 –…

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Businessman with cash in envelope

Regulating unions without touching business lobbyists is a joke

04 Jun 2013, By

In the run up to the 2010 election, David Cameron made a speech about ‘broken politics’ and referred to lobbying as “the next big scandal waiting to happen”. He talked about “the lunches, the hospitality, the quiet word in your ear, the ex-ministers and ex-advisors for hire, helping big business find the right way to…

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HSE code of practice booklet

Guidance is not enough: Why the HSE Code of Practice matters

13 Mar 2013, By

It seems odd that my first blog since being appointed Assistant General Secretary of the TUC should be on a pretty obscure health and safety issues. Given all that is going on in the world with unemployment, cuts, pensions, attacks on Trade Union rights and the general fall in living standards for everyone who is…

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Starbucks sign

Would you like germs with that? Starbucks & workers’ rights

04 Dec 2012, By

Not content using a range of legal tax loopholes to avoid paying corporation tax in the UK, it has been revealed that coffee megachain Starbucks are to cut paid lunch breaks, sick leave and maternity benefits for their 7,000 coffee-shop workers in the UK. MPs found it hard to believe that over the past 13 years they…

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Cutting health and safety is just pure wrong

10 Sep 2012, By

Today  – the day after Congress rejected the government’s pursuit of a ‘weakened health and safety regime’, Vince Cable has announced plans to get rid of 3,000 regulations and also scrap health and safety inspections for “Shops, offices, pubs and clubs.” There is no detail on what these 3,000 regulations are, but it looks like it is simply…

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Paul and Matthew Sinclair on the Daily Politics

TPA take a pop at union reps… again

07 Sep 2012, By

What are the big financial pressures and issues facing the public sector today? Is it the unprecedented programme of public sector cuts being driven through by the coalition government? Is it the hundreds of millions of pounds fuelling shareholder dividends rather than delivering quality public services? Is it perhaps the PFI chickens coming home to…

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