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The Great Austerity Debate: Using the power of theatre, unions and communities to explore social policy

08 Nov 2016, By Guest

The words “an interactive play” would strike fear into the hearts of most people. However, last Friday Unite hosted an initiative at its London and Eastern office that combined the skills of theatre with trade union experience and the voices of communities to explore the pressing social issues facing the country and the potential for change.…

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Cable Street 80: Remembering their actions, living their values

07 Oct 2016, By

It’s 80 years this week since the Battle of Cable Street, when working-class neighbourhoods united to drive Oswald Moseley’s British Union of Fascists out of the East End. The blackshirts’ planned march to threaten the East End’s Jewish communities was beaten back and had to be protected by police as they fled. Events like this are…

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Two tribes is not the way to reconnect with abandoned Britain

06 Aug 2016, By

The EU referendum result was a close one – 52% to 48% suggests a country deeply divided, and there are clearly good reasons for being concerned about that. But the polling the TUC commissioned for when the polls closed suggests that the country isn’t as divided as the close vote suggests. And that’s crucial to…

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Soundtrack to protest: 5 of the best

19 Nov 2015, By Guest

Just a few weeks ago on October 4th, more than 60,000 people took to the streets of Manchester to protest at David Cameron’s  austerity policies and attacks on the rights of working people and their unions. In a show of strength and feeling by the real “Big Society” the message was loud and clear –…

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