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Global pressure forces withdrawal of Thai prison labour plans

20 Jan 2015, By

Campaigning has paid off again. Last week I blogged about a campaign we’d joined to stop the Thai Government’s plans to force prisoners to work in the notorious Thai fishing industry. Together with the ILO, unions and human rights campaigners have forced a U-turn by the military leaders who now control Thailand’s government. The Ministry…

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Unions join condemnations of Thai prison labour plans

15 Jan 2015, By

UPDATE 20/1/15: the campaign has been successful! See more details. The TUC has joined a coalition of 43 union and human rights organisations condemning the regime in Thailand for a planned pilot project recruiting prisoners to fill labour shortages in the country’s fishing industry (which supplies multinational food companies among others.)

TUC Aid Appeal for Gaza’s plant nursery

13 Jan 2015, By

Before last year’s conflict, our charity arm TUC Aid had supported a project in Gaza at the Beit Lahia Plant Nursery. The idea behind the initiative was to help local people grow fresh food – both to enhance the diet of people in Gaza – which has been badly affected by the long Israeli blockade…

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Iraqi unions build protest on jobs, wages and union rights

08 Jan 2015, By Guest

2015 began with a fresh new wave of industrial action across Iraq (apart from Iraqi Kurdistan) organised by the national trade union centre, the GFITU. The action centred on several demands, including the immediate repayment of delayed salaries; rehabilitating and restructuring the Ministry of Industry’s 60 national plants (companies) and encouraging state departments and institutions to buy…

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