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Global solidarity

Solidarity with Greek workers

01 Jul 2015, By

On Monday evening, I addressed a rally in Trafalgar Square in solidarity with the people of Greece. Here’s what I said. I am proud to be here tonight to bring you best wishes on behalf of the TUC and our six million members Proud to be here with so many people, to stand up for…

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Pakistan: one of the terrible ten worst countries for workers’ rights

19 Jun 2015, By

Pakistani workers face large-scale exclusions from labour law, arrests and violence. Last year protests were held condemning the murder of eight labourers in Balochistan. Earlier this year, trainee police officers who had not been paid for seven months took to the streets before were subject to baton-charges and arrests. Protesting police baton charged: On 19…

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Guatemala: one of the terrible ten worst countries for workers’ rights

18 Jun 2015, By

Murder, armed attacks and a lack of due process is the reality for Guatemalan unionists and their leaders. Throughout the last 12 months, leaders of the country’s various transport, municipal and market workers have been gunned down. Coca-Cola campaigned against what it called “untrustworthy” unionised workers in Guatemala, giving raises to non-members and delaying those…

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