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Egypt: Journalists’ trial resumes

10 Apr 2014, By

Attacks on any one who questions the actions of Egypt’s military backed government are unfortunately continuing. Notably the trial of the three Al Jazeera journalists arrested in Cairo in December 2013, resumes today. They are Peter Greste an Australian national, al-Jazeera’s Egyptian-Canadian Cairo bureau chief Mohamed Adel Fahmy and a local Egyptian producer, Baher Mohamed. They…

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Fair pay letter from America #3: breaking through at local level

03 Apr 2014, By Guest

Thanks to the efforts of unions, living wages measures are now firmly on the legislative agenda in the USA. Barely a month goes by without more progress being made: laws are enacted or bills make progress towards becoming law; governors and mayors speak out in favour of higher minimum wages; and low paid workers continued…

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Fair pay letter from America #2: higher wages would boost the US economy

30 Mar 2014, By Guest

Union campaigns for higher minimum wages and living wages in the USA have stressed that the poverty wages paid by billionaire corporations force workers and their dependents to claim food stamps, at significant expense to American taxpayers. Retail and hospitality workers are often paid so little that they are forced to depend on public assistance.…

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ILO gets tough with Fiji over workers’ rights while Commonwealth gives in

27 Mar 2014, By

The fortnight-long tripartite ILO Governing Body meeting in Geneva that ends tomorrow has got tough with Fiji over its abuse of workers’ rights, under pressure from global unions, supported by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. It’s good news that the ILO has insisted on its ‘direct contacts mission’ being re-admitted to Fiji in time to report…

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The wages of diplomacy are not enough

20 Mar 2014, By

If you email staff at the Israeli Embassy in London at the moment, you’re likely to get a terse, four-word out-of-office reply saying simply ”we are on strike”. After seven months of mediation, diplomats and civil servants’ wages have fallen even further behind the cost of living. Diplomats’ patience has run out, so the unions representing the thousand or so employees of…

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Cambodia: unions and companies demand justice

16 Mar 2014, By

Thirty-one multinational companies from Adidas to Walt Disney have joined with global unions in a letter to the Cambodian government, to express their concern over trade union law, minimum wages and 21 arrested trade unionists. The step comes a week after trade unionists were prevented from demonstrating in Phnom Penh’s ironically named Freedom Park. The Cambodian manufacturers’…

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