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Message from Mogadishu

30 Mar 2015, By

Over the weekend, we received the following report from our brother Omar Faruk Osman, the journalists’ union leader who is General Secretary of the Somali equivalent of the TUC, the Federation of Somali Trade Unions (FESTU). This attack follows a similar outrage last month, and the FESTU response mirrors the strong support of the Tunisian…

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Turkish court frees trade unionists

25 Mar 2015, By

For a number of years now I have covered Turkey as a member of the TUC’s European Union and International Department. During those years I have written protest letter after protest letter to the Turkish Embassy, Turkish government and our own government complaining about the treatment of Turkish trade unionist. A non-stop tale of trade…

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Guatemala’s Wages See-Saw: minimum pay rights under threat

25 Feb 2015, By Guest

As British unions campaign for decent wages during Fair Pay Fortnight, Guatemala faces a threat to one of the few protections it has for workers –  the minimum wage. The attack is, bizarrely, embraced by some of the workers themselves. However, while the government pursues a race to the bottom, Guatemala’s unions are working hard to improve…

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Trade union members accused after losing leader in bomb blast

21 Feb 2015, By

A deadly terrorist attack rocked Mogadishu in Somalia yesterday when a female suicide bomber working as a receptionist blew herself up at the Central Hotel during Friday prayers. 25 people were killed and more than 40 people wounded. Two of the dead were prominent trade unionists, and 5 were hotel workers (as well as seven staff wounded),…

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Why the ILO must continue to police the right to strike

18 Feb 2015, By

As deepening economic inequality shows that strong trade unions are needed more than ever, employers are engaged in a ruthless assault on one of the most fundamental labour laws of all. But, as the ITUC holds a global day of action today to rally support, the right to strike is not up for negotiation. At…

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