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Sir Lynton Crosby? Two countries, one strategy – weakening unions to make attacks on workers easier

31 Dec 2015, By

In the New Year’s Honours List, David Cameron’s Australian attack dog Lynton Crosby will receive a knighthood for his services to the Conservative Party. But his assistance has not been solely electoral. He has been a crucial transmission belt between the right-wing parties of both countries, and in both countries his strategy is being ruthlessly implemented. Weaken…

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Somalia’s unions will not be cowed by violence

30 Dec 2015, By

UPDATE (3 January): Omar has been in contact, thanking us for our solidarity, and updating us on investigations into the attack. Islamists extremists Al-Shabab have denied responsibility, making unions in Somalia conclude that it was a political move by elements within the government. Both the journalists’ union in Somalia and the International Federation of Journalists…

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Turkish unions protest for peace

28 Dec 2015, By

While many trade unionists in the west are relaxing due to the gains of trade unionism (like holidays), workers in other parts of the world are still struggling for what we consider essential. Like our Turkish trade union colleagues who will be striking on Tuesday for peace and against war. DISK and KESK, the left-wing private and…

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Unions pressing Cambodia for decent workers’ rights

17 Dec 2015, By

The TUC is joining Cambodian and global unions to press the Cambodian government to give workers the rights they are due under ILO conventions. And in particular, we want the Cambodian government to consult with national trade unions – as they clearly have with reactionary local employers. Cambodia is a major flashpoint for concerns about…

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Volkswagen workers in Chattanooga choose a union

16 Dec 2015, By

The first workers at a foreign owned car assembly plant in the southern USA have won collective bargaining rights. It’s the latest stage in the attempt by the mighty UAW, in association with German manufacturing union IG Metall, to spread unionisation from the high density plants of continental Europe to the union-busting states of the…

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Speaking up for trade union rights on Human Rights Day

10 Dec 2015, By

Thousands of trade unionists around the world have lost their lives standing up for workers’ rights and social justice. Countless others have suffered, and continue to suffer persecution and denial of their fundamental rights to freedom of association and assembly. Every 10 December many of us around the world observe the United Nations Human Rights…

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