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EU citizens’ right to stay: We need your evidence

18 Aug 2016, By

I’ve joined a panel established by British Future to look at the detail of how a guarantee to EU27 citizens (people from the 27 countries staying in the EU) currently living and working in the UK could work. The purpose of the cross-party enquiry, which includes panelists who voted Leave as well as Remain, is…

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Stop the death threats to Colombian trade unionists now!

12 Aug 2016, By

I wrote with some optimism a few days ago about Colombia’s impending peace deal that would seek ratification in a referendum in September. This historic cease-fire agreement was signed on 23 June by the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army (FARC-EP) guerrillas after years of negotiations. It should bring an end to…

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Peace deal brings hope to trade unionists in Colombia

09 Aug 2016, By

Colombia is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a trade unionist. It has become a murder capital for trade union activists and continues to feature prominently on the International Trade Union Confederation’s annual Global Rights Index, which names the world’s top ten worst countries for workers’ rights. Last year 22…

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Show Qatar that World Cup death & exploitation are unnecessary

01 Aug 2016, By

On 21 August, West Ham United will play their first Premiership home game at the former London 2012 Olympic Stadium – their new venue – against Bournemouth. We’ll be there with Playfair Qatar campaigners and Hammers fans to make a simple point. The stadium was originally built for the Olympics with no fatalities, and under an agreement between…

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Tanzania & Uganda stand up against unfair EU-East Africa trade deal

29 Jul 2016, By

There was hopeful news for trade unions in East Africa last week as Tanzania and Uganda refused to sign the Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU and East African Community countries  — Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda —partly due to concerns about the negative impact of the agreement on democracy and development. Unions across Africa have…

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Protecting health and safety post-Brexit

26 Jul 2016, By

Given the possibility that the UK may no longer be covered by EU regulations on health and safety in the near future, what protection will British workers have to a safe workplace? This is important question because we are likely to see Britain negotiate a huge range of new trade agreements across the globe in…

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