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We’re with Chuck: we’ll stand with him against Trump – #ImWithChuck

10 Dec 2016, By

Usually stories about online abuse are – as in this week’s case concerning Labour MP Luciana Berger – about threatening public figures. But in today’s topsy-turvy world, the latest twitter outrage is about a famous, powerful person abusing someone of more humble means. I’m talking about President Elect Trump’s despicable attack on the leader of a steelworkers’…

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Nicaragua dances to South Korean tune as union protest is criminalised

09 Dec 2016, By

Nicaragua’s good recent reputation on union freedom and workers’ rights has taken a massive blow as twelve workers, including young union activists, face gaol after riot police stormed their protest at an Enterprise Processing Zone (EPZ) in the country’s capital, Managua. EPZs, already subject to criticism from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Committee on Global…

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Should Brexit be left to politicians and mandarins?

04 Dec 2016, By

The online media platform reporting on EU matters,, has published a list of the 50 most influential people in the Brexit debate. Angela Merkel tied with Theresa May for top spot, which is unsurprising.  Nearly half of the people on the list are British, but a majority are not, which demonstrates just how much the…

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#KoreaGeneralStrike: Korean unions fight back

28 Nov 2016, By

As I noted in my blog in July South Korea’s trade unions have been subject to a sustained attack . Under President Park, trade unionists are being sent to prison for carrying out normal trade union activities.KCTU President Han Sang-Gyun has been imprisoned for five years in the Seoul Detention Centre for helping to organise public protests. Han is…

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ACT NOW! Freedom for Iranian teacher union leader Esmail Abdi

21 Nov 2016, By

The international trade union movement continues to deplore the actions of the Iranian government in its heavy handed stance of imprisoning trade unionists on unjust, trumped up charges. One such case is of Mr. Esmail Abdi, a leader of the Tehran Teacher Trade Association, who has been sentenced to a six-year jail term on bogus…

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