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World is watching as women workers protest in Cambodia

07 Mar 2014, By

The predominantly female garment workers of Cambodia will be protesting in Freedom park, Phnom Penh on Saturday, International Women’s Day. Their main concern is low wages, but they are also protesting about the restrictions on freedom of association and assembly. Their rally is billed as a ‘Forum on Labour Rights’. Global unions are worried that…

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Dhaka Diary 2: Women must lead this new union movement

02 Mar 2014, By

During my visit to Dhaka, an encouraging number of trade unionists in the garment industry I’ve met are women.  This suggests Bangladesh unions are starting to better resemble their industry: over 70% of the garment industry in Bangladesh are women. However, women are still not prominent in leadership roles in unions. A notable exception is…

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Dhaka diary 1: Unions growing fast after Rana Plaza

01 Mar 2014, By

Tiny motor scooter taxis plough through waves of traffic, beeping car horns fill the air and the sky fades from clear blue to hazy orange as another balmy evening sets in over Dhaka. I am very far from the British seaside, but someone I last went shopping (unsuccessfully) with in Bournemouth is here with me.…

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Mexican mineworkers’ leader to campaign on mine tragedy

24 Feb 2014, By Guest

The exiled President of the Mexican Mining and Metalworkers Union (Los Mineros) Napoleon Gomez has launched a campaign to bring to the attention of the public the tragic events that happened eight years ago at the Pasta de Conchos mine, taking the lives of 65 miners whose bodies remain unrecovered. Retold in his book Collapse…

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Unions bear the brunt of violence in Ukraine

20 Feb 2014, By

You will have seen the terrible pictures coming out of Ukraine: violent repression of popular protesters in the capital Kiev, the savage clearing of public places, a burning capital. Yesterday, the headquarters of our sister organisation, the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine (KVPU), was torched, with 18 people reported to have been burnt to death. The…

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Free our journalist colleagues in Egypt

18 Feb 2014, By

Journalists, politicians and human rights activists will gathering tomorrow outside the Egyptian embassy in London to demand an end to the intimidation of journalists and media suppression in Egypt and to call for the immediate release of all detained journalists. If you can’t be there – and even if you can – please sign the…

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What’s the secret to preventing more deaths in Qatar? Us.

17 Feb 2014, By

If the 2022 Qatar World Cup organisers thought they would escape scrutiny by publishing revised Workers’ Safety Standards last week (and misleadingly claiming ILO backing), they were wrong. The Observer reported on Sunday that 400 Nepalis had died in Qatar in the last year, and today Agence France Press reported that a freedom of information…

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