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Access to justice cuts: Reaping what you sow

15 Apr 2014, By

Probably the area where workers’ rights have been hardest hit by the current government is the ability to claim damages through the courts. Since the election the government has removed the legal system that allowed workers to pursue claims and receive all their damages. Now they may have to pay up to 25% of their…

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A massive step backwards for health and safety

31 Mar 2014, By

The government has chosen the 40th anniversary of the Health and Safety at Work Act to make one of the most dangerous changes since the legislation came into effect in 1974. It has decided that Britain’s 4.3 million self-employed people should no longer be subject to the provisions of the Act unless they also employ…

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The human cost of your new phone

06 Mar 2014, By

Before you buy a new laptop, phone or tablet perhaps you should think about the effect on those who make them, and a new film has highlighted just that. For decades Europe has exported the risk abroad. In Europe regulation has given workers some level of protection against hazards and stronger unions help stop some…

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Self-employed exemptions – a recipe for confusion

25 Feb 2014, By

As I reported earlier the Government have announced that all self-employed people will be exempt from health and safety laws unless they are on a list of prescribed occupations. This goes far further than even the original proposal, which in itself was going to be confusing and dangerous. The government have now produced a list,…

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Bad day for European regulation

21 Feb 2014, By

The European Parliament has, in the past, been seen as being a useful tool in challenging the European Commission when they have tried to reduce worker or public protection. Earlier this month however they let us down badly. The Parliament discussed the Commission’s de-regulatory programme called REFIT which says that the Commission will not be…

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