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Health and Safety

Health and safety: Another reason for staying in

29 Apr 2016, By

Yesterday tens of thousands of trade unionists took part in activities to commemorate those who died through work. The theme of Workers Memorial Day was “strong laws, strong enforcement , strong unions”. To coincide with the day the TUC produced a report on the effect that the EU has had on our health and safety…

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Do we need a standard on health and safety?

12 Apr 2016, By

Plans for a certifiable international standard on health and safety are well underway. It is called ISO45001. This is a really big development as most big employers are likely to try to achieve certification, just as they currently do to other international standards such as ISO9001 (quality management). Yet most people who are going to…

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What future for the HSE?

06 Apr 2016, By

The HSE have recently launched a new strategy called “Helping Great Britain work well”. It has six themes – Acting together; tackling ill health; managing risk well; supporting small employers; keeping pace with change and sharing our success. There is nothing there that many people will disagree with and some of it, such as tackling…

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#TUbill threat to union safety reps is still there

15 Mar 2016, By

Amongst its many highly controversial measures, the Trade Union Bill includes a provision to allow the Government to restrict access to facility time for trade union safety representatives in the public sector. Here is a quick reminder of why it is wrong, potentially unlawful and dangerous. Health and safety representatives’ time is not facility time…

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Safety reps inconsistency shows up partisan motives of #TUbill

01 Mar 2016, By

As the Trade Union Bill continues its passage through the House of Lords it is worth reminding ourselves about the potential implications for health and safety. As Frances O’Grady said in Hazards Magazine, the Bill will allow the Government to restrict the time given to trade union health and safety representatives in the public sector,…

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New Sentencing guidelines welcomed

10 Feb 2016, By

This month new guidelines on the sentencing of those who break health and safety laws come into effect. They represent a huge change in attitude to health and safety offences and have broadly been welcomed by the TUC who have argued that the current penalties for breaking the law do not act as any kind…

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Cynical Government attack on safety representatives

08 Feb 2016, By

Today is the beginning of heartunions week. It also sees the House of Lords start discussing the detail of the Trade Union Bill. The first is a celebration of the fantastic work that union representatives do in improving living standards, protecting workers and empowering their members. The second is a piece of legislation aimed at…

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