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Rights at work

ACT NOW! Tell Bangladesh to reform its labour laws

07 Jul 2013, By

The TUC is backing a global union campaign calling on the Bangladesh Government to improve its labour law, and we need your help. Sign up now and then encourage everyone you know who cares about the rights of the workers who make our clothes to do the same. Since the Rana Plaza factory disaster at the…

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Safety prosecutions in perspective.

30 Apr 2013, By

It is often said that the British care more about their dogs than their fellow humans and here are some statistics that seem to bear that out. The RSPCA have just published their prosecutions statistics. Last year they secured 4,168 convictions against 1,552 people, with a conviction rate of 98%. This is a great achievement…

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Lucy Meadows – a tragedy that must not happen again.

23 Mar 2013, By

This week a teacher apparently killed herself. Her name was Lucy Meadows and she had been the victim of a campaign of harassment and intimidation. However this was not by her employers, or by fellow workers, but by the media. While unions have a proud record of protecting members from harassment and bullying at work…

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Working time: the week’s battleground

18 Jan 2013, By Guest

Even though David Cameron had to cancel his controversial speech on how he intends to lead the UK sleepwalking to the EU exit door, the Tory ‘Fresh Start Group’ nailed its colours to the mast by naming two important pieces of employment protection it wants to scrap – the Working Time Regulations and the Temporary…

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Would you like germs with that? Starbucks & workers’ rights

04 Dec 2012, By

Not content using a range of legal tax loopholes to avoid paying corporation tax in the UK, it has been revealed that coffee megachain Starbucks are to cut paid lunch breaks, sick leave and maternity benefits for their 7,000 coffee-shop workers in the UK. MPs found it hard to believe that over the past 13 years they…

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