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Just how important IS Bill Nighy to progressive taxation?

19 Feb 2014, By

Today, all eyes are on President Hollande of France and Chancellor Merkel of Germany, holding a summit on the European Union during which they will discuss the 11-country European Financial Transactions Tax (FTT). Yesterday, though, over 140,000 eyes were on the new Robin Hood Tax campaign video (less if some of you watched it while…

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The NHS: 65 years to evolve, just 40 days to destabilise?

30 Jan 2014, By Guest

As the Care Bill works its way through Parliament, one particular part of it, Clause 118 aka ‘the hospital closure clause’ is causing huge concern among NHS campaigners, unions and clinical staff. When clinicians who have been through years of training and have marked up decades of clinical practice put the words ‘risk’ and ‘patient…

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We need to get better at arguing over migration

03 Jan 2014, By

The big news of the season (after the weather: we’re British, after all!) has been the lifting of certain restrictions on Bulgarian and Romanians travelling to Britain to be employees (note, not ‘all restrictions’, and this doesn’t mean they haven’t been able to come to Britain to work: some of the reporting has been more…

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Migrants, benefits & Europe: is Cameron playing Daily Mail bingo?

28 Nov 2013, By

Yesterday the Prime Minister unveiled a new initiative which addressed the three main demons of the right in one go, ostensibly cracking down on the benefit entitlement of migrants from Europe. As my colleague Richard Exell has rehearsed, the announcement – released without detail so it’s difficult to say anything too authoritative – makes little sense…

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Domestic Violence is a Union issue

25 Nov 2013, By

Today, is the UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (a bit of a mouthful – let’s just call it UNIDEVAW). It’s an important date in the calendar for campaigners for women’s rights and it’s been marked on 25th November since 1981. It was originally organised as commemoration of the assassination of…

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