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NHS Pay – So, what are we going to do about it?

03 Apr 2014, By Guest

The government has seen the NHS as easy picking for cutting pay from its 1.4m workforce. It has made a calculation that NHS workers, predominantly women, and all dedicated to their patients (although they fail to say that bit), will bear the sacrifice for another year or two, moan, but then get on with their…

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If I had a pay rise… A school worker’s story

01 Apr 2014, By

Jenny* works in a school. Here, she explains why public sector workers like her desperately need a pay rise. If I had fair pay and had received the pay rises long overdue to me I could afford to go to the dentist and not have to choose between paying for gas or electricity or food.…

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Taking the Fair Pay message to South London

29 Mar 2014, By

This week as part of Fair Pay Fortnight, I joined the Southern and Eastern Region TUC and Battersea and Wandsworth Trades Council to run a series of street stalls across South London. We started out outside Wandsworth Town Hall, where we were joined by local GMB and Unison branch reps and activists. We spoke to…

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What is this government doing for women?

13 Mar 2014, By

You hear a lot about how this government has a ‘women problem’ but I thought it was the other way round. After all, what is this government doing for women? Childcare costs spiralling out of control, a welfare state that’s under attack, and insecure and temporary work on the increase – that’s what Cameron’s Britain…

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Act now! Robin Hood Tax 11 to meet on the 11th

08 Mar 2014, By

On Tuesday 11 March, the finance ministers of the European Union meet in Brussels as ECOFIN. And the finance ministers of the 11 EU countries committed to introduce a financial transactions tax (FTT) will meet in the margins to take the next crucial steps towards implementation. The FTT represents a key opportunity to shift the…

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Just how important IS Bill Nighy to progressive taxation?

19 Feb 2014, By

Today, all eyes are on President Hollande of France and Chancellor Merkel of Germany, holding a summit on the European Union during which they will discuss the 11-country European Financial Transactions Tax (FTT). Yesterday, though, over 140,000 eyes were on the new Robin Hood Tax campaign video (less if some of you watched it while…

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