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A day of action for decent jobs in post-secondary education

05 Nov 2014, By Guest

Casualisation is endemic in post-secondary education. According to the latest figures, 68% of research staff in higher education are on fixed term contracts, while data gathered by a UCU Freedom of Information request last year showed that 53% of universities and 60% of colleges use zero hours contracts, sometimes many hundreds of them, to deliver…

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Blog Action Day: Britain Needs A Pay Rise to beat #inequality

16 Oct 2014, By

Today is Blog Action Day, when thousands of bloggers around the world are coming together to talk about the topic of inequality. It’s a timely message for unions in the UK, as we prepare to join forces in London, Glasgow and Belfast on Saturday to protest about the growing inequality in how people are paid…

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1982 to 2014: Striking for fair pay in the NHS

13 Oct 2014, By Guest

Some things have changed since the last big national pay strike in the NHS 32 years ago. I was a size 10 back then, and had moved on from platforms and flares to the New Romantic style, while friends were sporting ra-ra skirts and legwarmers – and that was just the blokes! No mobile phones.…

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Have your say on EU water quality

14 Sep 2014, By

Following up the phenomenally successful Right2Water petition organised by the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU), the Right2Water campaign is now encouraging trade unionists to submit views to the European Commission on water quality. Nearly 2 million people across Europe signed the Right2Water European Citizens’ Initiative last year, putting public provision of water and…

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Pride: a must-see film… Get free tickets here

15 Aug 2014, By

Hilarious, tear-jerking, magnificent: all this, and a hymn to solidarity too. “Pride” is unique. Go see it, and remind yourself of why you are a trade unionist and why you believe in equality for all. You might also enjoy the sounds of the 80s (well, Bronski Beat anyway, in my case)! To be a miner…

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