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Union futures

VIDEO: What are the challenges for unions?

28 Sep 2011, By

You may have picked up Carl’s original posting a month or so ago on trade union membership.  But, in case you haven’t, here’s our first Organising Academy webinar on those figures and what they mean for unions.  Be great to hear your thoughts.

What does a trade union member look like?

15 Sep 2011, By

A subject that has long concerned unions, and therefore Unions21, is how we recruit the next generation of members. Recent joint TUC/Unions21 commissioned focus group research uncovered a number of distinct and clear barriers that prevent young people from joining the union movement. These were categorised into four main themes: Lack of awareness, Lack of…

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What role for unions in the future of workplace relations?

12 Sep 2011, By Guest

Trade unions are the subject of a new paper published by Acas (written by yours truly – apologies for the shameless self-promotion) as part of its Future of Workplace Relations discussion paper series. In the paper I draw on academic research to argue that unions continue to play an effective role in representing workers, as reflected…

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Unions and collective bargaining in Scandinavia: What lessons for Britain?

02 Aug 2011, By Guest

I’ve recently been looking at the lessons that British unions might be able to take from the Scandinavian countries such as Sweden and Denmark, where there is widespread political support for collective labour market regulation, with union membership and collective bargaining coverage both at enviably high levels. High bargaining coverage is one of the reasons…

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TUC/ESRC project bulletin

01 Aug 2011, By Guest

The July issue of the TUC/ESRC Unions, Collective Bargaining and Employment Relations research bulletin is now online. A range of themes relevant to British unions are explored in this issue, including: Collective bargaining in Scandinavia – what lessons for Britain? The opportunities for bargaining around the union learning agenda An overview of proceedings from the recent Roundtable on…

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TUC/ESRC project bulletin

16 Mar 2011, By Guest

I’ve just put together the first research bulletin for the TUC’s Unions, Collective Bargaining and Employment Relations research project, which is supported Economic and Social Research Council. This first bulletin provides some context for the project, and outlines the various studies and related activities that will take place over the coming months. You can find…

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A growing movement?

22 Feb 2011, By

Has there ever been a time where there were so many demonstrations, rallies, protests and pickets? In the past there have been huge movements, of course, but never this variety of action. Working people are waking up to what this government is doing to their lives and communities. While there are some mass demonstrations –…

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