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Campaigning for LGBT equality in the workplace

29 Apr 2016, By

On the face of it acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people has never been greater. The passing of legislation ensuring legal parity in marriage for lesbian and gay couples is an important cornerstone which trade unionists and LGBT groups and others have been campaigning towards. Wider equalities legislation makes it illegal for a…

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Trade Union Bill: Stand up for union rights

29 Apr 2016, By Guest

This week saw the latest skirmish in the battle against the Trade Union Bill. Through cross-party working in Parliament and campaigning hard across the country, we have forced the Government into important concessions in a number of areas; from check-off and facility time, to political funds and electronic balloting. Throughout the process, the Labour Party…

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10 workers’ rights #Brexit would risk

25 Feb 2016, By

The EU certainly isn’t perfect. But lurking within all the directives and regulations are a whole set of rights and protections for British workers. These rights came from the EU, and are guaranteed by the EU. If we vote to leave, they won’t be guaranteed any more, and government ministers can just pick and choose which rights we have.…

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Behind the blue lights: Life in the frontline of Cameron’s NHS

23 Nov 2015, By Guest

Dave, a paramedic from the Midlands, shares a frank view of life in NHS emergency services starved of funding and struggling to meet the demand Friday. Just started a 12 hour late shift. On again with a new starter. Appears too bubbly and the keenness has yet to wear off, but it will. 1st job,…

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Protect young workers’ right to strike

29 Oct 2015, By

When you’re just starting out in a career, the idea you might one day be going out on strike is hardly likely to cross your mind. The right to strike is a last resort, and one you often don’t think about unless you need it. But young workers will be amongst those with the most…

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