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The world needs a pay rise

04 Aug 2014, By

This October (Saturday 18 – make sure it’s in your diary!) the TUC will be marching under the slogan ‘Britain needs a pay rise’. But it isn’t just Britain. Last week, the Executive Council of our sister organisation in the USA, the AFL-CIO, adopted a statement with a similar analysis and the same conclusion as…

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Qatari announcement on World Cup slavery: reform or rebranding?

14 May 2014, By

Today’s announcement by the Qatari Ministry of the Interior contains the dramatic statement that they are “abolishing kafala” – however, it is still hard to tell whether this represents a revolution or a rebranding. Kafala is the name of the sponsorship system whereby migrant workers in Qatar are entirely beholden to their employer. Workers cannot…

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Guatemala: Getting away with murder

09 May 2014, By

In 2007, Marco Tulio Ramirez, a member of the executive of northern Guatemala’s main banana union, was gunned down as he left his house to go to work. Weeks earlier five soldiers had raided union offices and demanded the names of leading activists.

May Day: Times change but values are eternal

01 May 2014, By

It’s May Day today and although here in the UK we have to wait until Monday to get our day off, May 1st remains a highly significant date. Known also as International Workers Day, May Day is when the labour movement across the world celebrates the core values that we as trade unionists stand for.…

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