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FIFA’s magic wand tries to vanish the blood on Qatar’s hands

13 Nov 2014, By

Qatar might be feeling pretty pleased with itself today. A FIFA investigation into possible corruption, conducted by the former New York district attorney Michael García has, after he spent 18-months scrutinising the behaviour of all the bidding nations, found only minor concerns that “were not serious enough to warrant re-opening the process”. For those of…

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Why NHS staff need to take a break

13 Oct 2014, By Guest

NHS staff should ‘take a break’. This isn’t a snappy slogan to encourage NHS workers to have a well-earned rest. This is part of a week of industrial action that demonstrates to the government how much NHS staff go above and beyond what’s expected of them every day and every week.

Demockracy in Hong Kong

30 Sep 2014, By

It’s been impossible to ignore the pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong this week, though Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Leung “Cy” Chun-ying probably wishes he could.  An attempt by his riot police to intimidate the protesters with tear gas and violence has backfired, drawing Hong Kong’s trade unions into the student-led protest. The Hong Kong Confederation…

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TUC launches ‘Playfair Qatar’ campaign as FIFA’s Zwanziger goes rogue

23 Sep 2014, By

“Qatar will not host World Cup!” screamed several headlines yesterday after FIFA executive member Theo Zwanziger decided to provide his own personal opinion on the controversy-loaded location for 2022’s tournament. “Qatar still official World Cup site despite off-beat comments”, would be an equally accurate title. Since Dr Zwanziger is expected to step down from FIFA next…

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New! Organising Academy Programme

23 Sep 2014, By

It’s been nearly five months in the making but I am pleased to say that we are able to release the TUC’s Organising Academy brochure for 2014-15!  Alongside our existing courses, union staff will also be able to access three new short courses.

Timber Land: Peru activists murdered in the Amazon

16 Sep 2014, By

When ordinary people stand up for their rights in many parts of Latin America, they do so in the knowledge that powerful and often violent forces are ranged against them. Earlier this month four campaigners for indigenous land rights in the Peruvian Amazon were murdered, almost certainly by the illegal loggers that have plagued the…

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