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European Commission says still no action on worker health

28 Oct 2015, By

This year the European Trade Union Institute published a paper on work-related cancers in the EU. It showed that 102,500 deaths take place each year because of exposure to carcinogens in the workplace, twenty times the number caused by workplace injuries. That is a massive amount. Here in the UK the HSE puts the figure…

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Violence in Turkey’s Capital

13 Oct 2015, By

The violence in Ankara on Saturday marks yet another step in Turkey’s descent into the mayhem that engulfs many of her neighbours. It would seem that there were two suicide bombers responsible for the resulting deaths of at least 128 people and the injury to a further 200. Who is behind the attack is unclear,…

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New research says EU regulation working.

12 Oct 2015, By

Two years ago this week, the Prime Minister’s business taskforce said relaxing the European Commission’s rules on health and safety risk assessments would save £2.7bn. Meanwhile a piece by prominent Conservative Harry Phibbs on the  “Conservative Home” website claims, that “There is plenty of gold plating of EU regulations – about health and safety amongst a lot…

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Free Mahdi Abu Dheeb

08 Oct 2015, By

In May last year I blogged about the disgraceful treatment of trade union activist, Mahdi  Abu Dheeb, by the Bahraini authorities. Sadly the only developments since then have been negative. Mahdi remains in a Bahraini jail but his health continues to deteriorate. Mahdi suffers from diabetes and hypertension, for which he needs regular medication. He also has…

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Iraq’s new labour law: positive but ‘clipped’

19 Aug 2015, By Guest

Iraq has finally issued a labour law that complies with ILO conventions, up to a point. It is a good day for global justice. The law provides legal protection for organised workers in the private and cooperative sector against unethical practices of local and foreign employers. It provides collective bargaining and it provides workers with…

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5 types of tosh people are talking about the #TubeStrike

05 Aug 2015, By

The #TubeStrike hashtag today isn’t one for the faint hearted. The Independent have thoughtfully compiled a tutorial for those who’d rather simply block it all out, but I’ve a kind of morbid fascination for it and where it comes from. I’ve identified five distinct types of tosh doing the rounds on the web, which I…

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