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8 honest challenges for trade unions

04 Jun 2015, By

Yesterday I put together 8 surprising facts about trade union membership. It’s been a really popular post, and it was based on the latest Office of National Statistics trade union report. I thought it would be good to look at some of the challenges for trade unions the ONS report raises too. So here we…

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8 surprising facts about trade union membership

03 Jun 2015, By

The Office of National Statistics collects data on trade union membership every year and they’ve just released their report. You can read it yourself here, but for those who don’t have time to read a 55 page report, here are eight of the headline figures. I’ll have a more detailed blog on this later, and I’ve…

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Syriza’s struggle is our struggle

28 May 2015, By

The Greek Syriza government is still locked in crisis negotiations with ‘the group formerly known as the Troika’ (the IMF, European Central Bank and European Commission) over releasing the money the Greek state needs to meet its obligations to creditors and also to its people. But it isn’t only about debt: Syriza is demanding the…

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What’s REALLY bugging Eurozone hardliners about Syriza?

18 Feb 2015, By

The brinkmanship and rhetoric surrounding the renegotiation of Greece’s memorandum with the Troika was ramped up this week as a meeting of Eurozone finance ministers on Monday broke up without agreement. Both sides accused the other of intransigence, although the new Greek government has offered to compromise and negotiate, and was ready to accept a…

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The Assault on Turkish democracy continues

04 Feb 2015, By

It has been a year since I blogged on the arrest of a staggering 502 people in Turkey, many of whom are trade unionists, for basically voicing their dissent. More like a year and a half since my blog on the protest which was sparked by the destruction of Gezi Park and spread across Turkey…

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