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What’s REALLY bugging Eurozone hardliners about Syriza?

18 Feb 2015, By

The brinkmanship and rhetoric surrounding the renegotiation of Greece’s memorandum with the Troika was ramped up this week as a meeting of Eurozone finance ministers on Monday broke up without agreement. Both sides accused the other of intransigence, although the new Greek government has offered to compromise and negotiate, and was ready to accept a…

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The Assault on Turkish democracy continues

04 Feb 2015, By

It has been a year since I blogged on the arrest of a staggering 502 people in Turkey, many of whom are trade unionists, for basically voicing their dissent. More like a year and a half since my blog on the protest which was sparked by the destruction of Gezi Park and spread across Turkey…

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Does Davos do any good?

25 Jan 2015, By

As the super-rich decant from Davos – some, seriously, by private jet – it’s time to reflect on another year of the elite World Economic Forum. Does it do any good? Davos is mostly a place for businessmen (there are annual concerns expressed about the gender balance of attendees) to do deals and cement networks:…

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Hadi Saleh – ten years on

10 Jan 2015, By Guest

Today is the tenth anniversary of martyrdom of Hadi Saleh, international officer of the Iraqi trade union movement and my close friend. The union centre he represented, now known as the GFITU, is holding a memorial event today in central Baghdad to remember Hadi as trade union leader, as a peace and democracy campaigner and…

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FIFA’s magic wand tries to vanish the blood on Qatar’s hands

13 Nov 2014, By

Qatar might be feeling pretty pleased with itself today. A FIFA investigation into possible corruption, conducted by the former New York district attorney Michael García has, after he spent 18-months scrutinising the behaviour of all the bidding nations, found only minor concerns that “were not serious enough to warrant re-opening the process”. For those of…

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Why NHS staff need to take a break

13 Oct 2014, By Guest

NHS staff should ‘take a break’. This isn’t a snappy slogan to encourage NHS workers to have a well-earned rest. This is part of a week of industrial action that demonstrates to the government how much NHS staff go above and beyond what’s expected of them every day and every week.

Demockracy in Hong Kong

30 Sep 2014, By

It’s been impossible to ignore the pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong this week, though Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Leung “Cy” Chun-ying probably wishes he could.  An attempt by his riot police to intimidate the protesters with tear gas and violence has backfired, drawing Hong Kong’s trade unions into the student-led protest. The Hong Kong Confederation…

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