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Promoting workers’ rights and solidarity in the debate on EU migration

05 May 2016, By

Last month the TUC was involved in a roundtable organised by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung London office which discussed how to promote workers’ rights in the debate on EU migration. The event drew on the experiences of British and German unions, think tanks and community groups. In opening the event, Silke Breimaier, Project Manager at the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung London office, said…

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Can an exercise of will effect political change?

12 Jun 2015, By

Apologies, but it’s been very hot and muggy all day, and I find that makes me less active and more thoughtful. So it was a good time to read this blog by Kemal Dervis, former economics minister in Turkey, ex-head of the UN Development Program and one-time World Bank Vice President. It suggests a way…

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Maude’s missing the point on facility time

11 Mar 2015, By

Cabinet Secretary Francis Maude yesterday made an impromptu statement to Parliament. He claimed to have delivered for the tax payer by reducing civil service union facility time. While this may play well to the right wing of the Conservative back-benchers, the reality is his constant attacks on trade unions can only cause further harm to industrial relations across…

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How unions help their members win better pay

24 Feb 2015, By Guest

Joining together to win a better deal for members is the cornerstone of a trade union’s work. For Fair Pay Fortnight, we’ve rounded up some recent stories of how unions are making a real difference to their members’ pay packets. GMB: Pay rise and summer bonus for 2,500 airport staff Many workers in ground handling…

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What makes a campaign successful?

29 Oct 2014, By Guest

Recently I saw a tweet where a campaign had been hailed as a success despite not having won the objective.  This got me thinking.  What do we class as a successful campaign and how many of our campaign work is ‘successful’?

Britain Needs a Pay Rise demo: What comes next?

15 Oct 2014, By Guest

With only three days to go before the Britain Needs a Pay Rise march, I thought I’d just put a few thoughts down on what may come next.  How are we using actions like this to help build a sustainable union movement?