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Union organising

Be proud to be union: Proclaim the union advantage

05 Sep 2014, By

As the trade union movement prepares to gather in Liverpool this weekend for the 146th Annual Trades Union Congress, the TUC is launching a new publication that demonstrates the positive impact of trade unions in workplaces and on society in general.

Organising & the World Cup

15 Jul 2014, By

I’m sure that there will be many blog posts around talking about the cabinet reshuffle, this post is actually going to be one of the many on the World Cup.  Organising and the World Cup.  Or rather, how I seem to have ended up organising and running campaigns a bit like the German Football League.…

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Trade Unions: Resilient and still delivering for workers

29 May 2014, By

Trade Union membership continues to show resilience and there are encouraging signs of a revival of union membership in the private sector, according to the findings of the annual Trade Union Membership Statistical Bulletin which was published yesterday by BIS. According to the report there are now 6.5 million trade union members in the UK…

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Why it pays more than ever to be in a union

05 Apr 2014, By

Since the financial crash, wages have been under pressure across the country. Food, energy, transport and housing costs have soared, to the point where in real terms, the average worker is £2000 worse off than they were in 2010. Latest statistics show that private sector pay growth has now just about caught up with ongoing…

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TUC Young Workers Month

02 Mar 2014, By

The first ever TUC Young Workers Month as well as being an opportunity to promote and celebrate the work that trade unions already do with and for young workers is also a chance to prioritise perhaps the biggest challenge that faces our movement today; the crisis of membership amongst young workers. Today in the UK,…

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Could the USA’s first Works Council happen in Chattanooga?

09 Feb 2014, By

This week, workers at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, have the chance to create labour movement and industrial relations history by voting to set up the first Works Council in the USA. If they do, it could start a trend towards better workplace relations and union involvement in European subsidiaries across the US which…

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U.S. workers need a union if they want a raise

28 Jan 2014, By

Last year US trade union members were $200/£125 a week better off than non-members, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Labour Statistics, released on Friday. That stark figure explains why our sister organisation in the USA, the AFLCIO, is calling on President Obama to make the promotion of collective bargaining rights a key element…

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