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U.S. workers need a union if they want a raise

28 Jan, By

Last year US trade union members were $200/£125 a week better off than non-members, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Labour Statistics, released on Friday. That stark figure explains why our sister organisation in the USA, the AFLCIO, is calling on President Obama to make the promotion of collective bargaining rights a key element…

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There’s more to the Organising Academy than meets the eye

13 Nov, By

The TUC’s Organising Academy does a great job in training and developing new full-time organisers, but arguably some of its most innovative work in recent years has focused around ensuring that experienced lay reps are equipped and enthused to move into leadership roles. Around five years ago, Prospect started work with the TUC’s National Organiser…

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Starting a campaign: Friends and Allies

19 Sep, By

We have our goals, we have looked at our resources.  Next up, who can we count on and who will we be up against? I think it’s important that we create and sustain broad coalitions and relationships between campaigners with a social and economic justice focus.  By supporting each other and sharing our work we…

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Starting a campaign: Resources

12 Sep, By

So, we have our goals in place.  We know what we want to achieve and the milestones needed to achieve it.  What next? It’s time for campaigners to look at what resources we have at our disposal to make the goal the reality.

Starting a campaign: Goals

05 Sep, By

As Maria in the Sound of Music said, ‘lets start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start’.  And so it is with running a campaign. I have often seen campaigners and organisers get an idea for an issue, a good soundbite and some headline catching stunts and begin a campaign.  More…

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Organising, communicating & the internet

21 Aug, By

In the position I’m in here at the TUC, I’m often asked what I am reading, what I would recommend to others hoping to steer successful campaigns. Over the last year, I have been increasingly drawn to the work of cognitive linguistics in the shape of George Lakoff (more on my take on communications can be found here)…

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US unions: the latest youth craze?

10 Jul, By

Well, they’re not in Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga’s league yet, but Harold Meyerson’s analysis of recent opinion poll data on the popularity of unions suggests some interesting demographic trends. He’s surely right that the overall popularity of unions recovering to pre-crash levels of just above 50% is nothing special. Indeed I’ve always been a…

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