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10 barriers autistic workers face and how to overcome them

23 Nov 2016, By Guest

Most autistic people want to work, but often encounter difficulties in the workplace which employers can address better. Author and workplace trade union representative Janine Booth, who is on the spectrum herself, outlines her ten examples of barriers for autistic people at work, and offers advice for removing them. Getting work Job adverts often use…

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5 tips for union reps to support disabled workers

22 Nov 2016, By

I have been a trade union rep for almost a decade and am now the policy officer for disability equality at the TUC. I have also had reasonable adjustments myself. Disability History Month (#UKDHM) is a good time to reflect on ways to create an inclusive workplace and here are my 5 tips for supporting disabled…

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We are stronger together: Union reps connecting by app

14 Oct 2016, By

One of the things I liked most about going on trade union education courses was meeting union representatives from different unions and different workplaces. Even when I did the online TUC diploma course, although we were not in a classroom, the online forums were a great source of information and support. I felt that being…

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Good mental health in the workplace

10 Oct 2016, By

One on four people will experience some form of mental distress in their lifetimes. Workplace stress is cited as the number one cause. Lack of job security, continued cuts to public services and the shadow of Brexit is making the workplace increasingly insecure. Given that we spend more time than our European counterparts, having effective…

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VIDEO: Developing Reps

30 Oct 2014, By Guest

Reps are the cornerstone of the trade union movement. So how are the union staff who support them day to day also helping them to develop in their role? Our new TUC Organising Academy Award in Developing Reps seeks to give union staff the techniques and knowledge needed to encourage and develop new and existing…

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Defend facility time with new resources from the TUC

20 Mar 2013, By

Union reps in the public sector will need no reminding from me of the blatant politically motivated attack on the ability of reps to represent members individually and collectively.  A direct link can be made between the attacks from shady right wing front groups such as the Tax Payers Alliance and the Trade Union Reform campaign and the…

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