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Investment banker attacks workplace volunteers

11 Jan 2012, By

If I was to tell you that today, a former employee of an industry that in 2009 received a bailout from the taxpayer amounting to over £1 TRILLION (and that still owes over £450 BILLION) was to move a motion attacking volunteer workplace union reps and demanding that unions should be forced to repay employers for the…

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Pay bargaining and injustice

19 Dec 2011, By

On 21 February the TUC will be holding its annual Pay Bargaining Forum with Incomes Data Services. (More details, or register) It’s about equipping union representatives with facts and arguments that will be useful in the 2012 pay negotiations; this is the bread and butter of trades unionism, but we’re consciously putting that in the context…

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The TPA ‘cost-cost’ analysis of unions

25 Nov 2011, By

Some things in life are inevitable – death, taxes, change, the seasons. But perhaps nothing is quite as inevitable as the fact that a report from the so-called Tax Payers Alliance will be about as balanced as a two-wheel trike. Their latest opus sets out what it calls a ‘scandalous subsidy for unions’ conflating facilities and facility time for union reps…

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Introducing unionreps ACTION!

21 Nov 2011, By

The TUC is pleased to announce the launch of a new set of on-line resources for union reps to help them organise, campaign and build stronger unions – unionreps ACTION! We believe that these are the most comprehensive set of on-line resources of their kind available to reps in the UK. They include everything needed…

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Tory attack on union reps is based on ideology not the facts

04 Oct 2011, By

The Facts About Facility Time for Union Reps OCTOBER 2011 What started as murmurings of discontent amongst right-wing Tory backbench MPs and in the offices of the so-called Tax Payers’ Alliance has now been given the full throated support of the Government. Yes, despite the world standing on the edge of an economic disaster that…

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WERS 2011 survey coming soon

25 Nov 2010, By

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) are now organising a new round of Britain’s largest employment relations study, WERS (the Workplace Employment Relations Study). Look out for it if it comes to your workplace – It’s your chance to help shape what decision makers use to inform their judgements about the world of…

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