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Using social media: 5 practical suggestions for trade unions

02 Aug, By

Increasingly social media has become part of unions’ organising strategy. More unions than ever now have a presence on a whole range of digital media; but we’re still learning to use these tools effectively in our work and activism. Here are my five practical suggestions for how unions and trade unionists could start to make…

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How are union members using the Internet?

02 Mar, By

Unions that want to communicate with their members using the new technologies face a problem. And the problem is that we don’t actually know very much about how our members use the Internet. Of course there are general surveys and studies which show that masses of people use Facebook and Twitter, that smartphones and tablets…

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Stop the net grab

12 Nov, By

We tend to take the internet for granted as a tool for solidarity, not least when it comes to people seeking justice where union rights and other freedoms are repressed.  In places where being seen to talk with a union organiser can cost your job, or worse, the net often provides a form of sanctuary…

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Blog Action Day: What the Power of We means for unions

15 Oct, By

As part of Blog Action Day, Owen blogged earlier today on the ‘Power of We’ and that trade unions are the manifestation of the ‘we’ at work.   What does the ‘we’ at work actually mean and how do unions think about this to make us stronger?

Cyber activism or digital friends?

17 Jul, By

New digital technologies are opening up different ways for supporters to join and affiliate with parties and other political organizations. This is occurring in two main ways: 1) through ‘purpose built’ hub sites developed by organisations through which they can recruit volunteers and support and individuals sign up with an email address 2) through the…

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