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Blog Action Day: What the Power of We means for unions

15 Oct 2012, By Guest

As part of Blog Action Day, Owen blogged earlier today on the ‘Power of We’ and that trade unions are the manifestation of the ‘we’ at work.   What does the ‘we’ at work actually mean and how do unions think about this to make us stronger?

Cyber activism or digital friends?

17 Jul 2012, By

New digital technologies are opening up different ways for supporters to join and affiliate with parties and other political organizations. This is occurring in two main ways: 1) through ‘purpose built’ hub sites developed by organisations through which they can recruit volunteers and support and individuals sign up with an email address 2) through the…

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Unions and the Netroots: Growing together?

06 Jul 2012, By

Last Saturday the TUC’s conference centre played host to Netroots UK 2012, a gathering of online activists from across the progressive movement. Hundreds of campaigners spent a whole day networking, training and debating strategy – a unique chance for trades unionists, political activists, local anti-cuts campaigns, environmentalists, direct action groups, equality organisations and many more…

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Live and striking: Unions live blogging 30 November

30 Nov 2011, By

Today’s Day of Action on public service pensions is the biggest strike in a generation, so it’s going to set a lot of firsts, but one I’ve noticed is how connected the day is going to be online. Many unions are going to be maintaining liveblogs to keep their members in the loop, and many…

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Occupy! Occupy! Occupy!

16 Nov 2011, By Guest

If I were to say the words ‘Occupy (insert location here)’ to you, what would first spring to mind?  Is it the rows of tents in public places, the mini villages of protest or a hashtag? I’ve been mulling over this question, especially in light of finishing teaching our Communications and Campaigns course where we’ve been…

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Activists: put pressure on European finance ministers this weekend

01 Oct 2011, By

This isn’t the normal Stronger Unions post, but you’re all activists, and this is about the sort of economy we live in, so it’s important for union organising, honestly! On Monday, European finance ministers meet in Luxemburg, and the internet petition people Avaaz, who have 6 million supporters worldwide (a lot of them in the…

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Online Organising: the future?

05 Apr 2011, By Guest

My first posting for the Stronger Unions blog since starting at the Director of the Organising Academy and what choice I’ve had to write about since joining the TUC!  We’ve had the fantastic March for the Alternative which saw 500,000 ordinary people say there is an alternative to the devastating cuts, a new cohort of…

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