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European Commission puts its foot in it!

19 Nov 2015, By

The European Commission have just published an information sheet on their new better regulation agenda. A lot of that is just saying that they will concentrate on the big things and not the small things, that they should do impact assessments before new regulations are considered and EU regulations should be “fit for purpose”. Now I…

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Migrant workers' meeting. Photo BWI

Unions are looking up in the slave state of Qatar

16 Nov 2015, By Guest

GMB International Officer Bert Schouwenburg has just returned from a visit to Qatar with Building Workers International. This is what he found. I was last in Qatar with the ITUC nearly two years ago in December 2013 and in that time little would appear to have changed. There are more (empty) tower blocks, more roads…

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Greece solidarity

Solidarity with Greek unions on strike today

12 Nov 2015, By

The Greek trade union confederations, GSEE in the private sector and ADEDY in the public sector, have called a 24-hour General Strike today (12 November) against the latest round of austerity measures being imposed on the Greek people by the Troika – the European Central Bank, the IMF and the European Commission. TUC General Secretary…

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Slave-state Qatar faces ILO investigation

10 Nov 2015, By

Today, the UN’s workplace agency, the tripartite International Labour Organisation (ILO) voted to send a high level mission to Qatar to make an assessment of the real conditions faced by migrant workers: a major victory for the Playfair Qatar campaign. Commenting after the vote, TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said: “The ILO has blown the whistle…

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Protect young workers’ right to strike

29 Oct 2015, By

When you’re just starting out in a career, the idea you might one day be going out on strike is hardly likely to cross your mind. The right to strike is a last resort, and one you often don’t think about unless you need it. But young workers will be amongst those with the most…

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