From the TUC

Top tips for introducing night shifts

05 Aug 2015, By

Last week I wrote a blog about the health effects of working shifts, in particular nights. Well today the TUC has followed up on that with a report on night working and “work-life balance”. Given how much night working is increasing it is really important that people are protected and the effect on, not only…

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Missed bedtimes? New Tube night shifts will disrupt childcare arrangements and family life for many parents.

#TubeStrike: Why I’ll be striking over compulsory all-night shifts

05 Aug 2015, By Guest

I’m a ticket officer and station assistant on London Underground, and I’ll be taking 24 hour strike action this evening alongside members of my union, TSSA, and unions representing other tube staff, ASLEF, RMT and Unite. We’re in dispute over the move to all-night running at weekends, starting in September. That’s not because we oppose…

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EU and US flags

US says trade trumps safety

31 Jul 2015, By

I have blogged here several times about the possible effects on health and safety of the proposed free trade agreement between the European Union and the United States – the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). According to the European TUC the agreement could have “enormous implications” for workers regarding employment policy, social security, environmental…

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Education International Congress

Global teacher unions oppose neo-liberal trade & investment agreements

25 Jul 2015, By Guest

At this week’s Education International (EI) World Congress in Canada, education unions around the globe voted to oppose the new wave of trade and investment agreements that are being negotiated – often in secret – by our governments. Representing nearly 32 million teachers and education workers, EI is the largest global union federation and therefore…

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What can we do about shift work?

23 Jul 2015, By

There has been a lot of research published in the past few years around the effect of shift work and our health since the World Health Organisation classified night shift work as a probable carcinogen back in 2007. In 2012 research for the HSE estimated that the additional breast cancer risk associated with night shift…

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International Monetary Fund

Solving the IMF’s concerns about stronger unions

22 Jul 2015, By

I have blogged at Touchstone about this week’s bombshell news from the International Monetary Fund that declining unionisation leads to ballooning inequality (which the IMF accepts is damaging to economic growth) and rampaging top people’s pay. Readers of Stronger Unions might have assumed this finding would have led to the IMF proposing mass unionisation drives and the…

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