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The Happiness report – Food for thought

24 Apr 2015, By

There has been a lot in the press about the World Happiness Report that was published today by Sustainable Development Solutions Network, an initiative under the United Nations. This aims at measuring how happy the population of each of 158 countries are. The UK comes in at 21, squeezed between the United Arab Emirates and…

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Somalia on map

Somali government tries to take over trade union movement

22 Apr 2015, By

We’ve reported before on some of the terrorist outrages that make trade unionism in Somalia more difficult than we could possibly imagine. Despite those next-to-impossible obstacles, the TUC’s equivalent in Somalia, the Federation of Somali Trade Unions (FESTU), is tackling issues like informal sector work and organising with the help of TUC Aid and the Turkish…

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Let signs

Young workers speaking up for housing

15 Apr 2015, By

The situation cannot be allowed to continue. As the general election approaches we have a unique opportunity to let candidates know that a condition of winning young people’s support is strong policies for tackling the housing crisis.