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Turkish flag

The Assault on Turkish democracy continues

04 Feb 2015, By

It has been a year since I blogged on the arrest of a staggering 502 people in Turkey, many of whom are trade unionists, for basically voicing their dissent. More like a year and a half since my blog on the protest which was sparked by the destruction of Gezi Park and spread across Turkey…

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A man patiently builds a delicate match-stick structure

Qatar asks for patience – to perfect its PR strategy

03 Feb 2015, By

Qatar seems to be confused about what message to put out to its critics, simultaneously accusing them of a conspiracy whilst also meekly asking for more time to put an end to the abuse of migrant construction workers – currently preparing the country to host the 2022 World Cup. However, with Qatar’s poor track record…

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Alexis Tsipras

Union reactions to Syriza’s victory

31 Jan 2015, By

Unions around the world have welcomed the election result in Greece last Sunday, because the victory of the anti-austerity Syriza party was a rejection of the policies that have dominated Europe since the financial crisis hit, and a rejection of the anti-democratic approach of the European elite. It also demonstrated that the Greek people were…

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Does Davos do any good?

25 Jan 2015, By

As the super-rich decant from Davos – some, seriously, by private jet – it’s time to reflect on another year of the elite World Economic Forum. Does it do any good? Davos is mostly a place for businessmen (there are annual concerns expressed about the gender balance of attendees) to do deals and cement networks:…

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Migrant workers working on a Thai boat

Global pressure forces withdrawal of Thai prison labour plans

20 Jan 2015, By

Campaigning has paid off again. Last week I blogged about a campaign we’d joined to stop the Thai Government’s plans to force prisoners to work in the notorious Thai fishing industry. Together with the ILO, unions and human rights campaigners have forced a U-turn by the military leaders who now control Thailand’s government. The Ministry…

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Whitehall street sign

Union-busting at the heart of this government?

16 Jan 2015, By

We’ve long been used to the hostility towards trade unions exhibited by some of the more excitable elements on the fringes of the Tory right. From Aiden Burley and the Trade Union Reform Campaign to Priti Patel and her friends in the Taxpayers Alliance, there has been a constant stream of inaccurate and misleading attacks…

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