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Get on the bus to the G20 with the TUC activist academy

31 Jan 2008, By

To support the G20 mobilisation taking place in London on Saturday March 28th, 2009, the TUC Activist Academy will be running a weekend school for young trade union activists (those under 27 years of age) on Saturday February 28th and Sunday March 1st at Ruskin College Trade Union Education centre, Oxford.

The aims of the weekend school will be to;

  • Actively engage young trade unionists in the event
  • Support the efforts of regional TUC’s and unions to mobilise for the event
  • Raise the profile of trade unions at the event

The event will be facilitated by members of the TUC’s Organising Team with support from TUC tutors. The course will also incorporate elements of the TUC’s ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ course. At least one of the lead tutors will be available on the day of the G20 demonstration to support/co-ordinate the group’s activity.

All participants will need to be nominated by their national/regional union.

Participants must be able and willing to attend both the weekend training AND the G20 demonstration in London.

The focus of the training will be based on achieving the aims outlined above and in particular attendees will be asked to:

1) Plan and deliver a visible and innovative trade union presence on the G20 demonstration

2) Consider ways that they can ensure a good turnout on the demonstration from their workplace/union/region

3) Develop a short film or multi-media presentation documenting the G20 demonstration and union input into the event

The training will provide attendees with the skills to carry out the following key activities:

  • Identifying the issues linked to the G20 meeting that can be used to engage members
  • Producing an effective piece of written communication advertising the mobilisation – linked to issues that will resonate with members in their workplace/branch/region
  • Identify ways in which to get other members active in organising union activity around the G20
  • Make effective short films

These will help to inform and mobilise members around the G2 and publicise that work and activity effectively.

Costs for the event will be met through the TUC Organising/Activist Academy and Active Unions, Active Communities project.

To apply for a place on the weekend school, please email [email protected] with the following details;

Your name
Age and date of birth
Union branch and/or region
Position in union/branch
Contact address/email/phone number
Name of Nominating Officer
Nominating officers position
Nominating officers contact address/email/phone

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    Feb 9th 2009, 4:39 pm

    […] The weekend school aims to engage young trade unionists in the Put People First campaign, supporting union efforts to mobilise, and raising the profile of unions at the event. If you’re interested in getting involved, you can find out more at the Stronger Unions blog. […]

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