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Unite member goes undercover to expose agency failings

01 May 2008, By

Interesting link here to an article about agency working based around the 6-week diary of a Unite member who went ‘undercover’ to find out the reality of working for an employment agency.

‘His time as an agency worker revealed a shadowy and insecure world of work where no national insurance was paid, contracts of work did not exist and no workplace training or basic safety equipment was provided. Promises of permanent employment from agency positions also failed to materialise, contradicting the government’s arguments that agency working provides a gateway into direct employment.’

Bear in mind this guy is a white, English speaking, former union activist that knows his employment and health and safety rights. No doubt the problems he faced would be multiplied if he had been a migrant worker with poor English language skills, or a worker with little or no knowledge of his or her rights at work

His short diary shows just why its so important for agency workers to have the right to equal treatment at work – and for unions to continue to step up their efforts to organise agency workers.