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10 years on – and looking forward

02 May 2008, By

Ten years ago I was one of the first trainee organisers to join the TUC Organising Academy, working with BIFU the finance union. The union has gone (first to become part of UNIFI, then AMICUS and now UNITE) but the Organising Academy is still going strong

On October 14 the TUC is hosting an event to mark 10 years of the Organising Academy – but also to look ahead to what more unions can do to grow.

We hope the event will be a good opportunity for as many of the 250 or so organisers who have gone through the Academy to get back together and celebrate the campaigns they have been part of. But we also want as many union activists, officers and organisers as possible to join us to think through some of the big challenges facing unions – how we build our activist base; how we begin to turn round private sector density decline; and how we position unions as strong, effective organisations in the workplace and beyond.

So please join us, and be a part of the debate on October 14!