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Unions and t’internet

15 May 2008, By

Good article here from the Guardian setting out how unions are using the web to support their broader organising and campaigning work. The article quotes John Wood, the TUC’s new media officer, who is doing a lot to help unions and the technically-challenged like me to try and work out how best we can use web 2.0 (I don’t know what it means either) most effectively.

On a similar note last night the London Organisers Network ran an event looking at how unions can best use social networking sites like Facebook. I couldn’t get along, but I know the event was generating a lot of interest, and the fact that this sort of a stuff is becoming much more mainstream indicates that unions are beginning to think more seriously about some of the opportunities (and pitfalls) these new tools present.

All this talk of brave new cyber dawns for unions reminded me of an article the Guardian ran 8 years ago about an ‘organising database’ we developed while I was working for the North West TUC. In order to get the project up and running me and Danny, the tech guy who was working on the project, had to physically hump his old Apple Mac down to London and get it plugged in to the TUC’s computer system – cutting edge stuff! This was at a time when the TUC web-site used to go down regularly at the weekend, and couldn’t be revived until Monday when the office re-opened…