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Union membership: stable, but not growing

31 Jul 2008, By

FT article here (you’ll need to register) which reports on the latest LFS membership stats which show a slight decline in union density. The report comes on the back of figures released recently by both the TUC and the Certification Officer which flagged small increases in membership. It looks basically like union membership is again…

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More Tolpuddle videos

29 Jul 2008, By

You can view the rest of the videos from the organising session at Tolpuddle on the Stronger Unions Youtube channel here. If you’ve got any organising related videos you’d like uploaded to this channel, then send us a message via the web-site.

‘Don’t Mourn, Organise!’

25 Jul 2008, By

As reported earlier on this bog, I spent last weekend at Tolpuddle, and had the good fortune to be asked to speak in the Martyrs Marquee about the future of organising. Here’s Michael Crosby, who spoke in that session as well, talking about the challenges faced by workers attempting to organise around the world.

Light Some Fires! – Tolpuddle 2008

22 Jul 2008, By

Along with Paul Nowak, our partners, kids and thousands of other trade unionists I spent the weekend at the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival.  Amongst the highlights of the festival which for me were the march, the wreath laying at the grave of James Hammet and the generally good vibe (sorry!), was a session in the Martyrs Marquee on…

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Uncertain Status – working on the edge. 23 July 2008

21 Jul 2008, By

The TUC is presenting a seminar on employment status and access to employment rights in the UK for workers in precarious employment.  It takes place on Wednesday 23 July 2008 at Congress House, Great Russell Street, London WC1. The seminar will look at the legal, economic and social policy context for those working on the edge, particular…

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Stronger unions at Tolpuddle

16 Jul 2008, By

I’ve never spoke to a meeting in a tent before, but this weekend I’ll get my chance.   I’m lucky enough to be speaking in the Martyrs Marquee at the Tolpuddle festival this weekend, talking about what we can do to build stronger unions. Michael Crosby, Elaine Bernard & Wilhemina Trout will also be speaking…

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