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Activist Academy Pilots

07 Jul 2008, By

The TUC is pleased to announce the dates of the Activist Academy pilot programmes.  If you are a union workplace rep or activist and are interested in developing your skills in campaigning and recruiting new members and activist then the Activist Academy could help.

Reps and activists attending the Activist Academy will in addition to receiving specialist training, have the opportunity to

·         Broaden the range of their union activity

·         Build links with the wider union and community

·         Secure additional resources for campaigning

·         Get an accredited qualification in organising and campaigning

·         Secure a place in the candidate interview pool for the TUC Organising Academy Trainee Organiser programme

Because all attendees on Activist Academy programmes must have a specific campaign we can only accept nominations either via unions directly or with a letter of support from a union outling the related campaign and the name of a mentor.

All enquiries about the Activist Academy should in the first instance be directed to Carl Roper at [email protected] or on 07717 531159

The pilot dates are;

Yorkshire and the Humber Region

East Riding College, Hull

·         September 24, 25 and 26

·         November 6 and 7

·         December 11 and 12

Midlands Region

South Nottingham College

·         October 9 and 10

·         November 27 and 28

·         February 2 and 3, 2009

South Birmingham College

·         January 14 and 15, 2009

·         March 12 and 13

·         April 23 and 24

Southern and Eastern Region

Lewisham College

·         September 15 and 16

·         October 15 and 16

·         November 3 and 4