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Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.

23 Jul 2008, By

I’d like to think that readers of this blog are more concerned with the discussion of great ideas than anything else! That said, my pretty average mind thought it’d be useful to tell people about some organising focussed ‘events’ coming up over the next few months (OK, OK, I know I’ve taken this quote horribly out of context!)

The first event is a Congress Fringe meeting taking place on Wednesday 10 September – you can read about it here. Confirmed speakers include Mark Serwotka and Chris Keates.

The second is a major event being held on October 14 to mark the 10th anniversary of the TUC Organising Academy. We’ve just confirmed a raft of new speakers – which you can read about here.

The third event is being organised by the London Organisers Network in November – and I will be speaking at this event, and more importantly so will lots of other people including Frances O’Grady and a range of union and academic speakers. You can read about that event here.

All three events will provide a good chance for trade union officers, organisers and activists to discuss some ‘great ideas’ about what more we can do to build stronger unions – so if you can, please get along to as many as possible.

Last but not least – a FREE Organising Academy T-shirt to the first person who guesses who’s quote I mangled! Answers in the comments section please.