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Age concern

07 Sep 2008, By

Only 1 in 10 young workers are members of a union, and its this frightening statistic which explains why unions in the UK – after 10 years of relative membership stability – need to step up their efforts to reach out to the ‘lost generation’ of potential union members.

Earlier this year the TUC hosted a focus group of young workers, asking them what they thought about trade unions. One of the questions they were asked was ‘What does a typical trade unionist look like?’ – as you can imagine I felt very comfortable sitting in the corner of the room as they described someone who was, ‘…a bloke, overweight, wearing a suit, going a bit bald, re-faced because he’s always angry…’ :-( For the record, I’m not always angry…

The film below was produced earlier this year by the TUC/Congress TV and sets out what unions are doing to try and organise young workers.