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Us and the Tories

08 Sep 2008, By

Congress get under way today and lurking in the shadows will be the Conservative Party’s envoy to the Trade Union movement – Richard Balfe (who was once a union officer and Labour MEP until 2001 when he defected and joined the Tories).   Mr Balfe’s remit is to develop “trust and understanding” between the Conservative Party and the Trade Union Movement – although given this little exchange on the ConservativeHome blog he mifght have his work cut out in his own backyard!!!

This article in the Times provides some commentary on how union leaders might play discussions with the Tories as well as the usual speculation on the future of the PM and the role that unions might play in his survival/downfall.

It’s funny how things never change; I’m going down to Congress tomorrow and although its only the fourth that I’ve attended, it will be yet another where real issues such as the excellent work of the TUC’s Commission on Vulnerable Workers and the need to step up efforts to organise more workers, runs the risk of being over shadowed by talk of the future of the Prime Minister.