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The importance of unions for Obama

29 Sep 2008, By

Although during the primary season you could see many placards declaring the allegiance of a number of unions “for Hillary”, now that we are less than 40 days away from the US Presidential election, unions are now full square behind Barack Obama and are set to play a crucial role in getting out key voters.

Although Bill Clinton’s successful run for the White House in 1992 was based around the contention that amongst all of the issues “it’s the economy, stupid” that mattered, 16 years later and in the midst of the continuing culture wars in the US, things aren’t quite so simple anymore.  A combination of the rise of the religious right and the disillusion of many middle (working) class Americans towards politicians (there’s a link between the two) means that the votes of a significant number of voters who based on their social class would be regarded as natural Democratic Party voters, cant be taken for granted, with many putting single (wedge) issues such as abortion, “gay marriage”, race or gun rights ahead of their own economic interests.

This article in todays New York Times describes the efforts of US unions in getting out the vote for Obama and vote first and foremost on the basis of their wallets.