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02 Oct 2008, By

On my way up to Darlington to spend the day with colleagues in the Northern TUC, reviewing the work they are doing on organising. The regional TUC has done some fantastic work in recent years, much of it focussed on community organising and reaching out to support and work with vulnerable workers.

Interesting (well sort of) facts about union membership in the North East:

  • Union density in the North East is higher than anywhere else in mainland Britain at 35.7% but has fallen by 5% in the last 10 years (almost twice as quickly as the national average)
  • Public sector union density is 10% higher than the national average (answers on a postcard as to why?)
  • Density in manufacturing is 5% higher than the national average

I’m really pleased that this year to support their organising work the Northern TUC is again sponsoring a TUC Academy Organiser, Daniel Krzyszczaka , who used to be a GMB activist in Gala Casinos.

 ‘Daniel kicked started off his work with trade unions by joining the GMB, feeling that becoming a member would be the best general protection for himself as a worker. Whilst working for Gala Casino’s Daniel became a shop steward and began the long process of getting recognised trade union status. Through being a young member activist he was fortunate to be one of 44 British young trade unionist as a delegation to Cuba in April. He feels that it was this that inspired and spurred him on to work in trade unions including working with the community to create the first Newcastle Polish Mayday.’

You can read more about the rest of this years Academy Organisers here.