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If its good enough for Radiohead…

07 Oct 2008, By

This is post no.3 in a ‘sort of series’ looking at examples of unions popping in places that you least expect them.

In my previous posts I mentioned union organising efforts in public schools and the Church– now comes the news that various ‘rawk’ legends from Radiohead to Pink Floyd have set up their very own union with the support of TUC affiliates, the Musicians Union and Equity.

The Featured Artists Coalition brings together the aforementioned Radiohead and the Floyd, with dozens of other top performers ranging from Bryan Ferry to Billy Brag and Kate Nash to the Kaiser Chiefs.

While any new initiative like this is a welcome one – and one that shows that unions are relevant to pretty much anyone at work – I suspect we’ll have to think a bit broader if we are to reach out to the 20m or so UK workers who aren’t union members. A union for ‘Air Guitar Performers’? ‘Professional Association of Hairbrush Mimers’? Perhaps this is the ‘silver bullet’ for reaching out to young workers – surely there can’t be any teenage-boy anywhere who hasn’t air-guitared in front of the mirror to ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’, ‘American Idiot’ or ‘Streets of London’ (guess that last one might just have been me…)

Seriously, lets hope FAC does well. I’m pretty sure most of us would prefer the cash we spend on CD’s or downloads went into the hands of those who created the music rather than the hands of well, people like Hands.