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Activist Academy programme dates

27 Oct 2008, By

The TUC is pleased to announce the full list of TU Education Centres who will be Activist AcademyCentre’s of Organising and Recruitment Excellence (COREs) and also initial dates of Activist Academy programmes running at the participating centres – vist the TUC website Activist Academy page for a full list of CORE contacts and programme dates.

The COREs will be based at;

  • Newcastle College
  • East Riding College, Hull
  • Park Lane College, Leeds
  • South Birmingham College, Birmingham
  • South Nottingham College, Nottingham
  • Lewisham College, London
  • Ruskin College, Oxford
  • The Manchester College, Manchester
  • Wirral Met College, Liverpool
  • City College, Plymouth
  • Bridgend College, Bridgend
  • Stow College, Glasgow

The Activist Academy is aimed at union reps and activists who want additional skills and resources to build stronger unions in their workplace or branch by recruiting new members and new activists. 

To get on an Activist Academy programme, applicants must have a workplace or branch based  campaign or project that allows them the chance to recruit new members and activists and raise the profile of the union in the workplace.  They must also be supported by their union who must nominate a mentor who will support them through the training.

Activist Academy programmes will usually last 6-days and be delivered via three, two-day blocks usually over a period of about 3 months.

For more information about the Activist Academy, visit the TUC website or email [email protected]