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Not all cowboys live in the US of A

04 Nov 2008, By

There’s been a distinctly transatlantic feel to this blog over the last few weeks. ‘Obamania’ (old clip but a goodie!) is partly responsible of course – but Carl and I have also been posting stuff on EFCA etc, stuff which we have a real practical interest in thanks to our protocol on tackling union busting which we agreed with the AFL-CIO earlier this year.

However proof positive that not all union busters are called ‘Chuck’ or have their expenses accounts paid in dollars can be seen in this post about Anchor Housing Services (hat tip to Grayee).

When UNITE had the impertinence to try and stop Anchor slashing the pay of its members, Anchor decided they didn’t need to deal with an uppity, independent union at all, and would be much better off with a ‘staff forum’. As Rachel Maskell from UNITE rightly points out,

“If Anchor Housing Services is allowed to get away with ‘derecognising’ a legitimate trade union, this will give them the ‘green light’ to further depress the terms and conditions of their employees. There is an important principle at stake here.”

Lets hope the CAC upholds the right of Anchor workers to be represented by an independent union.