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Bouw sterkere vakbonden!

07 Nov 2008, By

Bouw sterkere vakbonden? Its ‘Building Stronger unions’ in Dutch of course! (well it is according to babelfish, which probably means I’ve actually titled the post ‘Constructing long-lasting and loving relationships’ or similar…)

Great post here on the ‘Union Renewal’ blog about the experiences of a Dutch union organiser, Willem Dekker. Love this quote which is so true…

“When I walked to Central Station this morning, I read that I can join FNV Bondgenoten for six months for 25 euro. Three steps ahead, I read that I can fly to Spain for less than twice that amount. Power is not in a poster announcing an introduction offer, it is in organising and organising starts with a conversation, face to face or one on one during a home visit, in organisers’ jargon.”

Anyone fancy translating ‘Building Stronger unions’ into another language? C’mon what do you mean you’ve got better things to do on a Friday night ! ;-)