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Chain Reaction

18 Nov 2008, By

Today I’m sitting down and listening to other people speak for a change. I’m spending the day at Chain Reaction 08, where according to the organisers….


“…I will meet people from all walks of life, who are saying “we can build a better world”, shaping new ways of living and working and inspiring others through their ideas and their actions. Chain Reaction is the place to learn about HOW social change happens, and to get involved in developing new and exciting projects”

Now, I’m not the cynical type – well alright I am – but normally statements like the one above would have me rolling my eyes and looking for the nearest exit, but at first glances the event seems to be pretty much living up to its billing. This morning I sat in on a great session looking at sources of funding for ‘third-sector’ organisations. A lot of the discussion wasn’t directly relevant to me, but like all the best discussions its set a few more hares running in mind – though perhaps I don’t need any more!

This afternoon I’ll be sitting in on a session on ‘Campaigning for Social Change’ so hopefully there’ll be a few more ideas I can take from that. The event is pretty good for connecting with other like-minded people and organisations even if, like me, the thought of organised ‘networking’ fills you with a sense of dread…

Anyway you can follow the conference on the ‘Chain Reaction’  ‘twitter’ site here.