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NUS – Building Stronger (Student) Unions

18 Nov 2008, By

Tomorrow I’m off to Coventry to speak at the 2008 NUS Activist Academy.  The NUS established their Activist Academy in 2007 (with the assistance of the TUC’s Organising Academy) to generate a new generation of student activists based on the principles and practices of union organising.

This is a continuation of work between the TUC and NUS since the 2006 Congress when a protocol between the trade union and student movements was signed.  In her speech to Congress that year, the then NUS National President Gemma Tummelty summed up the basis for the relationship by declaring;

An NUS that is serious about representation of our members on and off campus should work with trades unions; and trades unions who are serious about increasing membership and activism amongst young people should engage and target students and work with NUS because the people we represent on campus are the people you can represent at work

Since then joint work involving the TUC, NUS and unions has involved amongst others; projects in TUC regions aimed at building links between working students and trade unions, the establishment of union societies within student unions and this year we have a graduate from the NUS Activist Academy, Ryan Slaughter, on the Organising Academy working with Community.