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Days Two & Three

23 Nov 2008, By

Yesterday was a quiet day…only 3 transactions to report.

1) Went to the Co-op to buy bread and the papers. You’d think the Co-op would be a safe best considering its history and the fact that it recognises several TUC unions. However, the GMB is currently in dispute with the Co-op over its decision to unilaterally de-recognise the GMB in its Funeral Care business. You can read more about the dispute, and the text of a GMB motion on the issue agreed at TUC Congress earlier this year here. The motion stopped short of calling for  consumer boycott of Co-op stores, but does ask unions and trades councils to re-consider banking with the Co-op bank.

GMB campaign in the Co-Op

GMB campaign in the Co-Op

2) Went to Wheildon’s our local butchers for bacon and eggs. They may not meet any formal ‘ethical’ criteria, but I reckon you can’t go far wrong by buying from Wheildon’s or most other local butchers. Nothing is shrink wrapped or comes in a polystyrene tray, and very little has been carted from one end of the country to another. Although most of their meat is not organic, its overwhelmingly local, reared by farmers that the two Wheildon’s brothers – Roy and Les – know and slaughtered locally.

3) A delivery van from Argos came, to drop off a couple of the kid’s Christmas presents (don’t worry about it ruining the surprise, they don’t tend to read TUC blogs). Both Argos stores and distribution centres are unionised. There is some debate about whether or not home delivery shopping is better for the environment than shoppers making individual trips to the supermarket or store. On the one hand, one vehicle making multiple deliveries must be better than multiple vehicles making multiple journeys. On the other hand one HGV can pump out a lot of carbon, and consumer-led delivery schedules can make delivery rounds incredibly energy inefficient.

Today, I’ve bought nothing accept a couple of drinks at a local sports club. In my quest to buy ‘less stuff I don’t need’, I’m going to read all of yesterday’s paper rather than buying a foot-thick wad of Sunday papers (half of which normally goes straight into the recycling without so much as a glance). I’ll guess I’ll have to read ‘Winner’s Dinners’, which is a guilty pleasure of mine, on-line!