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100 not out!

01 Dec 2008, By

This is officially the 100th post on the ‘Stronger Unions’ blog.We have yet to receive our telegram from the Queen…

Since April we’ve posted 100 posts on issues ranging from union busting to ‘well dressed organisers’. Some have been interesting – some really haven’t; some have been insightful – some… Ah well you get the drift.

At the moment we’re averaging 1 comment for every 3 posts – not bad but not quite ‘Premier League’ standard. Of course people will only comment if they find the stuff we post interesting, so here’s a quick plea: tell us what sort of stuff you’d like to see on this blog; what sorts of issues would you like us to cover; should we have guest contributors; what more can we do to make this blog half decent?

Answers on a postcard (comments section) please!

One Response to 100 not out!

  1. Paul Nowak

    Dec 4th 2008, 1:46 pm

    Thanks for these suggestions – all really useful.

    We’l look at getting some ‘guest’ posts early next year