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Keeping Hope Alive

03 Dec 2008, By

Not a post directly related to trade unions – but thought it worth mentioning that yesterday I unexpectedly got the chance to go and see the Revd. Jessie Jackson speak at Liverpool University.

Jackson’s life has been devoted to the struggle for equality in the US and elsewhere and he witnessed first hand some of the most seminal events in the struggle for civil rights. He was with Dr Martin Luther King when he was assassinated and celebrated with tens of thousands of others in Chicago when Barack Obama was elected President on November 4th.

It was a great thrill to see him speak – especially in my home city – and whilst during yesterdays address he didn’t reach the rhetorical heights for which he is famous, there was a power and authority to his words lent by his record of activity and activism.

The title of his address was “the Struggle Goes On” and he spoke of walls needing to come down before bridges could be built and the need to see the world through an open door rather than a key hole. And he had his own musical director – who sang a song immediately before he spoke.

Great stuff!