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Spot the dud

08 Dec 2008, By

I suggested in my last post that some employers might use the downturn to as a handy catch-all excuse to shed staff, and this article suggests I wasn’t far off the mark…

Just when you thought the downturn couldn’t get any worse, here comes business ‘guru’ Dave Ulrich. He thinks employers should use the downturn to, ‘move out poor performers or unimportant positions’ ; which is code for (as the Personnel Today headline sensitively puts it), ‘Dave Ulrich calls on HR to exploit downturn to get rid of duds’.

Dave Ulrich works for RBL  – a firm of  ‘thought leaders, educators, consultants, and former executives’ – which basically means that the ‘About Us’ section of their web-site is called rather grandly ‘The RBL Story’ and seems to have been written with the help of this handy web-tool.