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This Christmas, there’s a teacher trade unionist facing a death sentence

24 Dec 2008, By

For most union activists, Christmas is a welcome break – time, thanks to union campaigns over the decades, to spend on you and whatever you want to do. And unfortunately, some regimes around the world know that, and do terrible things over Christmas in the hope that trade unionists won’t be around to protest. This Christmas, as we have for several years, the TUC will be watching the anti-union regime in Iran – because they are past masters at this. And this year, we’ll be concentrating on making sure they don’t carry out a death sentence on teacher trade unionist and Kurdish community activist Farzad Kamangar. And we’ll be doing it with our good friends at Amnesty International. If you just want to take action now, do it. If you want to find out more ….

Farzad Kamangar is just 33 years old. He’s already been in prison for two years, and was sentenced to death earlier this year for ‘enmity towards God’, which usually means taking up arms against the state. We don’t know whether the Iranian regime really thinks he did that – his trial lasted only 5 minutes, and the judge refused to listen to any evidence. Even by Iranian standards, that’s pretty brutal. Even worse, prior to his trial, Farzad Kamangar was held incommunicado, tortured and otherwise ill-treated, including by being beaten, flogged, and electrocuted. He is now said to suffer from spasms in his arms and legs.

There’s much more detail about Farzad on the TUC website, like what the ILO has said about his case, and that Education International are supporting him. But he’s a trade unionist, and his rights have been taken away from him. Please help this Christmas to protest this treatment and call for his release.

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