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US unions record fastest growth since 1983

28 Jan 2009, By

US unions grew by nearly half a million members in 2008 according to the latest US Government figures, increasing the rate of unionisation from 12.1% to 12.4% in a year. It’s their best year for a quarter of a century, and the main reason seems to be that in some states, it got easier to…

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Links for 27 January

27 Jan 2009, By

Recession pressure on low paid workers TUC Academy Organiser Lizzie Woods on the pressures felt by some of PCS's lowest paid members (tags: organising academy PCS recession retail) Sign 'Hope Not Hate's' petition

How human rights help unions organise

25 Jan 2009, By

There are two ways in which this works. One is the obvious: without freedom of expression, the right to life, and freedom to organise, trade unionists tend to get shot, harassed or excluded from the workplace. And without freedom to bargain collectively, they have less to offer their potential members. These are all fundamental human…

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Nobel laureate backs union rights in the USA

24 Jan 2009, By

Paul Krugman, the winner of the Nobel prize for economics, says that the US needs the Employee Free Choice Act that US unions are campaigning for. Writing in Rolling Stone magazine (a journal of economic record, of course!) he says that the US economy needs unions just as much as workers do. Last time US…

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Links for 21 January

21 Jan 2009, By

GCHQ – 25 years on Sunday marks the 25th anniversary of the Government's decision to ban independent unions in GCHQ – revoked by Labour in 1997. (tags: organising unions recognition Labour)

Links for 20 January

20 Jan 2009, By

Emptywheel » This Miracle Brought to You by America’s Unions Union ‘miracle’ workers… Social Movements 2.0 Starring Eric Lee as the ‘Godfather’! (tags: organising new media secondlife social networking ICT)