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New York Times backs pro-union laws

01 Jan 2009, By

It’s either a sign of a more diverse media, or just how bad things have got in the US under Bush, that the New York Times has published an editorial (not just a comment article) calling for more freedoms for trade unions to organise. The Employee Free Choice Act, like the right to union recognition legislated for when Labour were elected in the UK in 1997, would be a modest step forward, making it more difficult for employers to intimidate workers seeking union recognition, for example by making recognition automatic when more that 50% of the workforce join the union (not exactly an easy hurdle to leap!) rather than still requiring a ballot which employers can manipulate by calling in union busters, sacking union activists and threatening to do the same for anyone voting pro-union.

But it’s good to see even admittedly-liberal papers like the NYT supporting this measure. Here’s hoping President Obama will deliver.